Tuesday, December 17, 2013

RSVP - 2014 NewFO Challenge Party!

Yep, I'm sending my RSVP over to Barbara at Cat Patches!

I wouldn't miss THIS PARTY for the world :*)  What's not to love about permission to start something new and exciting and fun???

I've already declared 2014 to be my year to finish up some very long-term UFO's.  That will be my focus, and I'll be working on completing as many of those "dinosaur" projects as possible all throughout the year.  But I would wither and die as a quilter if I didn't get to start something new and exciting on a regular basis!  Those UFO's are more like "work" at this point, while a new project is definitely more like "play" - and everyone knows that saying about what happens when we are all "work" and no "play" - right?  I'm doing this for me, as well as for those who have to live with me LOL!!!  You know exactly what I mean, don't you???  Yep, I know you do!!!

This will be my third year joining in on the NewFO Challenge, and I have to admit, I've been pretty bad about actually making the projects I have listed at the beginning of the year LOL!!!  This year may be no different, but here goes anyway.....

NewFO To-Do List for 2014:

January - Flannel Rag for me!

I have these really fun flannel scraps that I want to pull together to make a happy snuggle quilt for me, for the mornings when I cuddle up with my Bible and a cup of tea and spend time with my Lord :*)  They may not all make it into the quilt once I audition them - and others may be added - but these are my starting point :*)

February - Develop New Design for fabric line
I've been approached by a fabric designer to try my hand at developing a few patterns for her latest line - SEW EXCITING!!!!

March - "A Little Something" Jacket yes clothes!!!!

This is a pattern I have had now for several years, and the fabric was purchased several years ago as well.  It's time!!!

April - Smokey River

I love this Whirligig Designs quilt in these colors!  That raspberry zinger makes my heart sing!!!  It's designed for Stonehenge fabrics, but I have so many batiks and I've decided they will look wonderful in this quilt!

May - Lost in a Good Book

Back in 2012 I grabbed up some fabrics from Connecting Threads with a Library/Book theme for a song!  Since my first love EVER was books, I want to make a quilt that will make me think of my childhood, curled up in the massive old pecan tree in our front yard, reading Little House on the Prairie and somehow finding sanity in those pages :*)  This is planned to be a simple quilt, with a panel-type center medallion out of the fabric on the far right, and some simple borders around it.  I'm hoping I stick with that plan!!!

June - Barbados Bag

I really, really need a new bag!  This one probably won't wait until June, but I'm slotting it in here to get it on the list.  Pattern is by Pink Sand Beach Designs.

July - Rose Windows Medallion
This one was on my list last year but it never had a chance!

August - Harvest

I love this border fabric!!!!  I picked it up at a going-out-of-business sale for 1/2 price last year, and I think it will be perfect for the border and color inspiration print in this design!

Unless I change my mind and use a different pattern, that is.  I've been known to do that a time or two - what, you too?

September - Butterflies Applique

Wow!  This was a project that I was SO EXCITED about last year - and I never even touched the first block!!!!  This year I want to at least begin to work on it.  I have to finish Blue Collection first though, because I've decided I want to hand applique this one.  And Blue Collection is one of those "dinosaurs" I was talking about earlier :*)

October - Hope's Diamond

If you haven't seen the wonderful patterns by Sue Pelland using her Leaves Galore rulers, let me just say - go HERE and look - you'll fall in love!!!!

November - Circle of Fire
Another one that has been on this list before :*)

December - Calypso Cascade

And yet one more hoping to make it to The Show this year LOL!!!!  I love this scrappy batik quilt - and what better way to use up some small pieces in the scrap bins?  But it just keeps getting pushed back for other projects :(  I'm thinking it might be a good leader-ender project for 2014 ♥


So that's my list - and I'd love to say I'm sticking to it, but if history is any judge, then I'd most likely be lying.  I choose to reserve the right to change it up and work on whatever sparks my creative juices at any given time :*)

What's on your list?  
Join the Linky Party at Cat Patches
......but you better hurry, the Party closes 12/22/13

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. What a great bunch of quilts a you have planned for completion next year. Most look like they will take a bit of time to finish. Have fun with them and the new quilts you will be starting.

  2. Oh, you are one ambitious lady! I will enjoy following your progress, and seeing what you decide to add (or delete) along the way.
    You have some great projects picked out, but I really love the scrappy batik quilt.
    I made a list of UFOs the other day and I am going to try and get as many of those finished up as I can. I'll probably have to through in some new minis here and there. : )

  3. Wonderful projects. I have that jacket pattern - somewhere. And the border fabric is just luscious. Congrats on the designing - whoot!!

  4. Girrrrrrrrrrrrl! You are gonna be a busy lil' booger! I wish you the best in your NewFO endeavor!

  5. Such a fabulous list, I hope you can start at least some of them this year. I can't imagine making them all in quite a few years though.

  6. You get to design some patterns?!?!?! Wow! And to think, I'll be able to say that I knew you when. ;-)

    I used to sew a lot of clothes back in the day, but now that I use my sewing machine for piecing, I have to admit that following a pattern is so foreign. I've made a couple of simple pieces of clothing for my grands, and I've determined that garment sewing is best left in my past. ;-)

    Those are some beautiful quilts you're planning to make ... I can't wait to see them come to fruition.

  7. Great projects! I am looking forward to watching your progress no matter what you decide your progress is. It looks like fun!

  8. Lovely projects that you have chosen. The Calypso Cascade is that from Quiltmaker magazine winter of 2006?

  9. Oh my...gorgeous projects here. That Medallion is amazing!

  10. I need to join the NewFO group!

    I have that jacket pattern.
    (I made a muslin, but didn't make it up in fashion fabric. Yet.)

    I have that library print fabric -- I bought the whole line, all colorways, from Connecting Threads. I've used the checkout card motif and two strips from the dark blue book-print. What irritates the heck out of me is the blatantly incorrect call number on the catalog card motif (the author/title are for a book about sewing and the call number is for U.S. history).

  11. Your list of projects in 2014 is very impressive. Each one beautiful and with all the inspiration surrounding us I believe you will achieve your goals. Stitching Bliss...

  12. Wow, I don't know where to start. They look like great projects and that's a good way to motivate yourself. You're right, it's good to take the time to play. I love your reading fabrics and your memories of reading as a child. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create in 2014!

  13. Hey Teresa! I may join you in months April and May as I have the pattern and Library fabrics and wanna put em in action :0)

    I've been a busy bee with fixing and rebuilding sewing machines and the Bee in my Bonnet's Quilty Fun sew along, love it!

    I miss you and hope to rejoin Divas next year!! Yesssssss! Fingers crossed ;0)

    Hugs, Amie

  14. I want to hear more about February. Sounds really cool.

  15. It is going to be a year of eye candies for sure, Teresa! Do you mind telling me where I can get that Rose Medallion Stained Glass quilt pattern?


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