Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 2013 End-of-Month Report

December is such a short month!!!  

Don't you think so?  If you figure the time you lose for all the Christmas-related activities - traveling, visitors, shopping, cooking, wrapping, decorating, gifting, parties - there's just not a lot of time in there to Get It Done!  Add to that the two weeks I was sick with bronchitis, and it's a wonder I got anything done, right?  I do love Christmas, but the older I get, the more of a hassle it gets!!!

May your holidays be hassle free!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Soooooo, let's see, how did I do on my Get It Done list for December?

December 2013 Goals:

  • Blog:  Prepare and post about TWO Giveaway Blog Hops!!  DONE!!!
  • Quilting (domestic sewing machine DSM): - Mom's Valentine table-topper.  DONE!!!  All that's left for this project is to sew down the binding, which I will finish up today :)
  • Quilting (longarm) - UFO - Indian Summer - Still in the bag - way too much going on this month for me and Joanne to find a day for just play.  It will continue to be next on the list :)
  • Bind Christmas Geese - DONE!!!  Picture below of this wonderful quilt on its frame, decorating our home this Christmas season! :)
  • Finish piecing the Bargello Tree Skirt - Never even got a chance to touch this project :(
  • Make a couple of Christmas gifts, mainly small gifts for stockings - DONE!!!  :*)  A few are still not yet gifted so I can't show them.
  • Yarn Projects: - continue Wingspan; cast on new Red Socks for ME!!! DONE!!!  I also managed a few knitted Christmas gifts :)
  • Guild Prep (new category):  I have agreed to head up a "Bees" Group sit-n-sew after our meetings each month, and I need to have all my ducks in a row for the announcement and roll-out in January.  DONE!!!

  • Christmas Geese on its frame - I SO enjoyed its cheerful presence this Christmas!!!

    Details of quilting and binding for Christmas Geese

    Not too bad, I suppose.  I'm cutting my January list a little short too, because I already know I will be traveling one week of that month.

    January 2014 Goals:
    • January Dinosaur - The Blue Collection!
    • NewFO Project
    • Rainbow Scrap Challenge Project
    • Bertie's Year BOM for February
    • EQ7 - begin getting re-famliarized with the software and start playing with it!
    • Continue washing the Stash :(  UGH!!!

    For 2014, I'm planning to FOCUS on some of my Dinosaur UFO's..... you know the ones....  they're so ancient, their dust has dust!  They've been around so long, they've reached "fable" status!  People are beginning to believe you never even started such a quilt!  You're not even sure where they are anymore!  And they have become big bullies - growling and taunting you, daring you to finish them off......   Right?  Am I all alone in this, my friends?  I don't think so!!!

    Photo courtesy of

    In 2014, I'm declaring all-out WAR on these Dinosaurs!  I'm going to put a "Most Wanted" List on my blog so I can shoot them down one by one!  Each Dinosaur has been assigned a month on my calendar where it will be hunted down and shot given my main focus that month.  I may switch them around according to any timing changes each month, but I think the projects themselves will remain the same on the list.  I'm hoping to finish each one during the month, but of course I need to be realistic and accept that it's not always possible :*D  I'll be disappointed if I don't finish it, but I'll survive and come back another day to attack that monster!  (Aren't you glad?)

    January's Dinosaur will be The Blue Collection.

    Photo & Quilt by Maggie Walker

    You can click on the name to see more about it if you are new to the blog.  If you're not, then you KNOW how long I have been working on this Dinosaur!!!  I actually obtained most of the patterns at least 7 years ago from a friend who was moving out of the state and didn't want to move her entire sewing room.  She sold off a lot of stuff, and three-quarters of these patterns were in the set that I bought.  I got the rest from the designer, Maggie Walker.  It's been a long road, but I'm finally rounding the home turn on this project - wish me luck!!!

    As for my other normal monthly projects in December - some I got to, and some I didn't.  Of course, I did manage to start a NewFO to meet the December 2013 Challenge - Barbara at Cat Patches is hostessing this fun party again in 2014, so be sure to check it out & join in!!!  You can see some of my potential NewFO's for 2014 by clicking HERE.

    This linky party is too much fun to miss!  You get PRIZES for starting something new - what's not to love?  AND you don't even have to finish it!  Yep, my kind of party LOL!!!

    Bertie's Year - January BOM block
    This is coming along quite nicely :)

    I started the Bertie's Year BOM this month for my NewFO, and of course since it is a BOM it will be added to my Get It Done goals each month in 2014.  I think you'll enjoy seeing these fun and colorful wall quilts each month :)  So far, Gypsy is giving this project a Two Thumbs Up ..... um, I think I better keep my eye on her around Bertie!

    I didn't have time to do anything in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for December, but Angela at SoScrappy is hosting this rainbow-a-licious party again in 2014 - and there will be PRIZES!!!!  Come and join in on the fun!  


    This will be my third year in the RSC, and it is always one of my favorite things to do during the month :)  This year I think I am going to have to do at least one block made from crumbs - my crumb jars runneth over!!!   Here are the last two blocks I made during the 2013 Challenge.....Baby Blue!

    Lone Starburst


    Be sure to hop over to Patchwork Times to share what's on your Get It Done list!!!
    (Inquiring minds want to know ☺)

    I would like to wish each and every one of you 
    a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous NEW YEAR!!!

    Hugs & Blessings!


    1. Teresa, I so understand the dinosaurs!! LOL I have a "few" of those also. Love, love your Christmas Geese quilt. The quilting on it is perfect with the holly leaves. Glad your bronchitis is over. We'll see you in the New Year.

    2. Girl, do I have dinosaurs! In my book it's ok to give away or trash in order to take it off your list. I'll join you and aim to get 6 off my list by finishing.

    3. Many blessings to you and your dinosaurs next year!

    4. Live your Christmas Geese! So pretty and bright. Good luck with your dinosaurs this year. Making them extinct is an admirable goal

    5. When did you sneak in and get that photo of my Christmas lights?
      Yup, we are on the same track with our UFOs, but you have a much more fun name for yours--Dinosaurs!! Love it. : )
      I've been planning on making a patriotic colored Goose in the Pond quilt one day, but that Christmas colored one really quacks (honks?) to me!! May have to rethink--but that is way down the road, mind you.
      I am glad I get to watch your BOM progress. I will pretend it is mine and you are making them for me and it will be so much fun!!
      Happy New Year, my friend! (Almost left out the "r" and you know what that makes you?--Never!!)

    6. Great picture! You got lots done, I'm sure you'll get even more done in 2014.

    7. You are just so stinking darling and cute! I love seeing all your beautiful work ... even if the effort of it all leaves one a little breathless! LOL! Great goal setting for January! And Teresa, your Christmas Geese is stunning! Happy New Year!!! :)

    8. If your dinosaurs have reached the fable stage, maybe there is a moral to the story? I think my oldest quilting dinosaur began when my daughter was in second grade and this is now her tenth year of teaching, so ... I even sent the quilt to my mom to help me and she didn't know how to quilt without doing it in a frame, so she sent it back. It's lap quilting. And Mom died in December 1999. So, it's somewhere - I think in the attic. Some folks have encouraged me to dig it out and finish it and others say there is a time to know when to call it quits on a project. I have no idea what will become of it. Wishing you a peaceful and productive 2014.

    9. Great finishes for the month and a great list of projects.

    10. Love your post! I've definitely got some velociraptors around here nipping at my heels. Love the challenge of dragging them out and getting them done :)

    11. I'm really SO impressed with what you DID manage to get done in December! This year, I kind of wrote off December and figured that if anything got done AT ALL, I was ahead of the game, ha ha!

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