Friday, April 13, 2012

Two Finishes!

Since I was not finished with Moonglow at the end of March, and the number Judy pulled for April’s UFO still has a lot of work to be done on it, I decided (at the urging of several very wise readers!) to just continue with Moonglow through this month until it is done.  Immediately all the pressure was off and I began to enjoy the process of bringing this quilt around the home stretch again. =^..^=  And since ENJOY is my word for 2012, I'm happy!!!

And guess what?  Moonglow Block #11 is DONE!  

Yes, it’s only a block, not the entire quilt, but it’s progress!  And the way these blocks are behaving, it almost feels like finishing up a quilt by the time I’m done with one of them!  LOL!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!  Only one more block to go now, and I can put the center together and then start on those SEVEN torturous gorgeous borders.  Next thing you know, I’ll be posting a finish for this quilt!!!

Here’s the process of how I put together this particular block.  

It was only partially paper-pieced.  The black and aqua pieces are paper-pieced.  I had to cut templates for three of the sections and set them in with Y seams – Yes, the dreaded “Y” word!!!  The blue and olive pieces had to be cut individually with templates, as well as the center square.

It was a royal pain, but I finally got them in.  They’re not perfect mind you, but they’re in, and they’re staying in!!!

Here is a picture of the entire center with a gaping hole right smack dab in the middle!  I can’t wait for that last block to be finished and placed there – it might be time to party, right?  As I’ve said before, that last block is a doozie and a half, so keep those ear plugs stuffed in nice and tight folks!!! :*D

My second finish is the Promises and Borders stitchery Block #3.  

I just loved working on this block, especially with the addition of my beloved hearts in its border! 

Can you see the sweet little bird perched on those spring flowers?  *sigh* I’m in love!!!

Here’s Block #4 for this project.  I’ve got it all prepared for beginning the stitching, and it will be a welcome project to have with me while I am visiting my family in North Carolina soon!  =^..^=

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Hugs & Blessings,

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  1. WooHoo! Teresa--it is coming together! I wish these blocks were put together using Perforated Paper piecing--SOOOO much easier! Oh, it just warms my heart whenever I see this quilt. Wise choice to keep going with it!
    Your little stitchery pieces are always so sweet.

  2. Everytime I see your Moonglow quilt, I almost swoon, it's so gorgeous. Finish ... very wise, indeed! EnJOY it!

  3. yeah!!!! Keep up the good work - you are an inspiration to all of us!! Have fun visiting!!

    Have a blessed weekend!!

  4. I am sooooo jealous you have your Moonglow almost done. Yippee for you!

  5. That Moonglow quilt is just stunning! I love watching your progress. You are doing a great job getting it done.

  6. I gave you the Liebster Blog Award. Love your blog!

  7. Well, those Y seams may be a pain, but the result is totally worth it! Love the quilt... tell me, does it have a cord to plug it in because it seems to glow! Can't wait to see the last block.

  8. Wow, that was some block!! And only one more to go, how exciting is that. It is an incredible quilt!!

  9. OMG.... you mentioned "Y" seams!!! You did a great, wonderful, fantastic job!!! I say that because I've just tried it on my project and let me tell you.....
    Anyway, I also love the handwork. Are you going to frame it??

  10. Gorgeous work. You have been busy :)

  11. It's looking wonderful. Love the colors of this quilt. Lovely work and worth all the trouble.

  12. Your quilt is just beautiful and I am so glad you decided to keep working on it. I find that I let myself get pressured by other's deadlines, especially online, and I have reached the conclusion that I need to work at my own pace, adhere to the deadlines when I can, and give myself permission to not when I can't or DON'T WANT TO. Good for you!!

  13. Its looking great. Those y seams do not look very fun tho!

  14. You are doing a wonderful job. I am impressed with the Y seams.

  15. A lovely quilt! I really like the embroidery and the verse was a great one to read today.

  16. I have heard from others that the Moonglow quilt is a tricky quilt to put together. Good for you for hanging in there with it!

    The two verses you have embroidered are precious promises.....wonderful reminders. Very nice handwork too!



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