Saturday, January 5, 2013

1st Scrap Happy Saturday!

I'm really looking forward to joining in on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year!  Last year I worked on my little Mini-Rainbow Pineapples.  They still look like this....

And I've made some of the rainbow flying geese that will go around the borders....

But this little quilt is a long way from being done!  Not to worry though, I have no intention of stressing out on this fun project.  I'll just work on it on Saturdays when I do the 2013 Scrap projects.

So this year, I pulled out all my pink scraps - and found that the pickin's are pretty slim!

So I added all the crumbs that remained from last year after I dug through them to make my pineapples, and there weren't many of those either....

All in all, the whole shebang barely fills the bottom of this little basket....

I had a lot of ideas pulled out to look over for this Challenge, and it was really hard to decide - I wanted to do them all!  But finally, I chose ones that would let me play with fabrics without worrying too much about matchy-matchy, and that would also use up a lot of scraps.  So here are the blocks that I finally decided on for my Challenge.  I won't make all of them each month, maybe just the ones that I feel like making on a particular month.

Please bear in mind that these are not my blocks, just pictures of blocks that I have pinned from Pinterest for consideration.

Lone Starburst - made by Curly Boy, pattern by Six White Horses
I like that each star point can be made with a different color!  And it's paper-piecing - LOVE!
                                                          Scrappy Butterflies - made by She Can Quilt
(I think an alien butterfly colony has hypnotized me!  I have no less than 3 Butterfly projects planned for 2013!)

Crossroads Blocks - tutorial at Threadbias Blog
And then, of course, I couldn't resist doing the kitties!
I do love the play of color in this quilt, and hopefully I'll have enough batiks in these bright colors to make it work.  If not, this project may end up languishing in a project box even though I love it.

Go see what others are cooking up in PINK this month at SoScrappy!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. All great idea...but the kitties are my favorite!

  2. I love your pineapple blocks. I may just have to do some also. I am loving log cabin blocks these days. I also love your many other ideas. I keep looking on Pinterest for quilts and blocks I do for the RSC 2013.

  3. I agree, they are all great, but I love that Lone Starburst.
    BTW, you have more pink than I do. : )
    I think I need to go make a pineapple.

  4. You have some beautiful pink scraps. I enjoyed watching you make those pineapple blocks last year.
    I like the butterfly quilt! At first glance I though they were flowers. I really like that fabric collection, Terrain, by Kate Spain. LOVE the cat quilt pattern. I think we shared emails about that pattern last year.
    You have some good ideas for the 2013 rainbow challenge.

  5. I love those star blocks too, and the kitties, and the crossroads! Too hard to pick one!

  6. Your pineapples and flying geese are gorgeous, so I'm sure whatever you decide will be wonderful!

  7. Love the pineapples and geese and the fact that you are not stressing over them. :) And the basket of pink is fun!
    I love the Scrappy Butterflies.....wouldn't that be a cute baby or toddler quilt! It;s in my future for sure.

  8. Love those pineapples and flying geese. I love all the patterns, but I do believe that I'm most partial to the Lone Starburst. ;-) I can't wait to see whatever you decide to do.

  9. Such happiness with all of your beautiful colors. The pineapples are my favorite - Judy C

  10. So many great ideas. The pineapples and gees have to be my favorites though. Maybe because they are already in the works. The butterflies are great too-- though they look more like flowers to me.

  11. Love your pineapples and flying geese. The colors are so yummy. Have fun making your scrappy quilt, whichever one you choose I'm sure will be great.

  12. Oh many great ideas, but I love your pineapple blocks!

  13. All your Rainbow ideas look wonderful! You'll have me wanting to make them all before the year is through. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  14. Your planned blocks look like lots of fun!

  15. Thanks for picking my Lone Starburst Pillow! It's a great pattern to make. It IS a bit fiddly, possibly because I shrunk it down to 75%, but still a joy to make!

  16. Love you pineapples and flying geese. I just love rainbow colored quilts.

  17. I had a hard time deciding on a block too. I need to use charms or 2.5 strips as I cut up most of my scraps. Last night I settled on a block using charms but now I think I'll add Crossroads for strips too. Ask me again tomorrow lol... Next year the cats, I just love them!

  18. Great looking blocks, both yours and the ones for your plans. I love the cat with her kittens, is that a pattern on the web, or one to buy?

  19. I love all your projects! That butterfly one is my favorite. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to work on this year.

  20. Wow- stunning ideas- how will you ever choose what to work on first?? :)


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