Thursday, January 17, 2013

This and That on Thursday

There is a new Angel watching over me  ....

Because our family unexpectedly had to change their plans and not come to Tennessee for Christmas, we had to do some creative brainstorming to get my gift from our son and daughter-in-law in Raleigh out here.  Of course it was a surprise so I didn't know what was inside, but we were told it couldn't be shipped because it was "Very Fragile".  Finally, it arrived this past weekend, and I opened a huge box to find this treasure, all securely bubble-wrapped inside.....

An angel!!!  And cats!!!  I ask you, could it be any more perfect?  

This beautiful girl is over 20" tall and very heavy!  She is a Jim Shore creation called Garden Angel, and I think it is intended to be used outside in the garden, but there is no way this girl is going outside.  She is currently reigning over the sewing studio ;*D.

I had never seen one this large.  That box on the left is a rechargeable battery box that fits inside the base at the back.  During the day, I can leave that open in the sunlight and it will charge the batteries so that at night the diorama in the angel's skirt lights up.  It's really beautiful all lit up!  Todd and Nikki said as soon as they saw her they knew she had to be mine.  I really like the way they think, don't you?!?  =^..^=

As for what the Garden Angel is currently presiding over in the sewing studio...

This is a really sweet Teapot Mug Rug I made for a friend "just because..."

Back in September, I was working on this Dots to Dots Blog Hop project...

... and my friend Candice saw this little teapot in progress 

..... and she said, "Oh that's so cute!  You can make one of those for me!"  
And so I did!  

Candice is always bringing us baked goodies from her kitchen to keep our energy levels high during sit-n-sew, so I thought a little mug rug would be a "sweet" way to say Thank You!  She was really surprised when I gave it to her - I think she liked it!  =^..^=

And I hope you are all excited about the Dare to Dresden Blog Hop that is starting next Thursday over at Madame Samm's!

My day will be January 29, and here is a sneak peek at my inspiration fabric for this project ....  YUM!!!

I have been really working hard on this project to be sure I do it justice, and that is one reason I have been away from blogging for so long.  I hope you will forgive me when you see the completed project.  :*)

And last but not least, Easy Street is coming along - slowly but surely.....

This picture is not the best - it is a very cloudy, overcast day, so I apologize... to you and to the quilt.  Such gorgeous colors deserve to shine, right?  Hopefully I'll get a better picture next time :*)

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. OH! I adore the new angel!! I almost got the one with the Nativity in her middle ... but didn't. I rather regret it now! But the cats are just darling and totally perfect (I mean, purrrrfect) for you! Your teapots are forever darling ... perhaps I'll get out that pattern you sent me and do one this week (with all my extra time from non-blogging)! LOL!! Are you getting this wintry weather mix? HUGS!! :)

  2. Your new angel is just the sweetest thing - wonderful gift. Your teapot is so pretty - too pretty to put a mug on. And the peacock fabric - yummo!

  3. I LOVE that line called "Plume." I am using some in a current project of mine also! Can't wait to see your project using it! Your Easy Street is coming right along!

  4. Your angel is beautiful. My sister gifted me the Jim Shore Angel with the Nativity on the bottom skirt.It has Christmas Wreath hanging down from her hands so it is very Christmas, but it stays out in my sewing/extra bedroom all the time.I am still trying to catch up on my Easy Street and I hope it will look as good as yours does.

  5. That peacock fabric is divine! Wow... now I can't wait to see what you are doing with it.

  6. What a lovely just becasue gift, the tea pot mug rug is wonderful!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  7. Such a lovely angel! Love the mug rugs.
    I'm finally ready to cut and add the inner border to my Easy Street. My goodness. This is a big quilt!

  8. I'm totally in love with your Angel and kitties....that's a really nice present.

    Also love your cute.

  9. What an absolutely wonderful post!! Too much for me to even take in!! I'll have to come back and visit again!!!

    I LOVE the Angel!!! What darling kids you have!!

    All your quilt projects continue to amaze me!! The colors are so bright and vivacious - just like you!! Looking forward to the project!!


  10. Glad you have come up for air. LOL I was beginning to worry. Can't wait to see another of your amazing projects. I think your angel was a gift worth waiting for.

  11. That angel is perfect for you. I love that it lights up--what a nice little glow it will cast in the sewing room.
    That teapot project is such a wonderful little quilt--so nice of you to gift it.
    Can't wait to see what the peacock fabric inspired.
    When I first saw Bonnie's fabric colors for Easy Street I thought they had your name written all over them. I was pretty sure you were one happy quilter who would not be subbing colors!

  12. I love the Angel. And I especially love the mug rug because I am a tea drinker.

  13. I love the angel! It's so cute, especially with the cats :) And I also love the peacock fabric! Beautiful colors!

  14. Well, I have never seen a Jim Shore that would light up and it is so well worth waiting for. What a lovely treasure. The peacock fabric is very intriguing and nothing but good can come from using that - a mystery until the blog hop. Your work is beautiful. Judy C

  15. Love your Christmas angel! The mug rug for your friend is adorable.

  16. I am in love with the teapot quilt- could you make me one too?? :)
    (BTW I think I am no longer a "no-reply" blogger- fingers crossed!)

  17. Glad your angel is watching over your sewing. Love, love the teapots. I think I have to make some. They are just too cute. Easy Street is looking good.
    Beth in MN

  18. The angel is absolutely will be blessed with everything stitch! Love the tea pots too...very pretty colours.
    Wishing you a great weekend crafting up more beauties.


  19. I love all the Jim Shore statues. I haven't seen one that lights up before. Cool! I still love your teapots. Your friend is a lucky lady.


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