Sunday, January 27, 2013

Update from the Ivory Tower

LOL!!! That's what my husband calls my sewing studio - the Ivory Tower :*D  

It's located upstairs in the bonus room and is even set off from the rest of the house by a little ante-room which we use for our home office.  When he sees me heading for the stairway, he always asks, "Are you off to the Ivory Tower now?"  Yea, he asks that a lot =^..^=

So here's a little update of what's going on in the Ivory Tower....

Here's another little sneak peak at my progress.  It's almost done -yeah!!!

Can you see the wonderful aqua blue metallic thread I used for quilting this gorgeous peacock?  YUM!!!

My day for the Dare to Dresden Blog Hop is Tuesday, so be sure to come back ;*D

Slow Stitching!!! 
I haven't had an opportunity to work on my slow stitching projects, but my granddaughter Emma has really been enjoying embroidery since she learned how to do it this past summer.  This is her latest project.  She continues to improve - her stitches are getting smaller and neater.  We still need to work on french knots, and she wants me to teach her how to do a satin stitch for filling areas.  I love her choice of colors.  She took all of these separate motifs from a book and put them together in this little vignette - very creative!

Stash Enhancement!!!
Well, not really :*)  I didn't do any shopping this week - yay me!!!  But for those who missed yesterday's post, I thought I'd share this wonderful gray text fabric I pulled from my stash for this block....

Can you see how the gray text print adds an extra layer of yummy to this Lone Starburst block?  Oh yeah, I'm loving it!!!  And I especially love that I had it in my stash - that feels like free to me LOL!!!

Easy Street!!!
It's coming along, slowly but surely.  I got four more Block A's done Friday at sit-n-stitch with friends, and there are only 6 more to go.  All the Block B's are done and most of the setting triangles.  I'm still hoping to have it done by the end of the month to complete my Get It Done project list.

So what's going on in your Ivory Tower?
I'll be linking up Patchwork Times and Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching this week!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Wow - what a fabulous peacock! I can hardly wait to see the entire quilt. Looking fabulous, but then I liked everything in your post.

  2. Lots going on in the Tower!!! I love the peacock and your Star. Easy Street is coming along so well too. Yeah for your granddaughter and her stitching. It looks wonderful and she will enjoy a lifelong hobby.

  3. Love your gorgeous, stunning peacock; and I do see the metallic thread....enjoy your ivory tower...grin.

  4. Wow! Great peacock. The thread just makes it sparkle. Is that a panel? Just gorgeous! I love seeing the younger generation learning a new skill, you should be very proud of her, many kids these days can't sit long enough to do a project like that.

  5. WOW! Your peacock is amazing! You do such beautiful work in your ivory tower ;-)

  6. Love the peacock! Oh, hang in there, the Easy will be done before you know it - enjoy the process.

  7. well a lot is going on in your ivory tower and I like them all. that peacock is so neat. love that pink star.

  8. Lots great progress from the ivory tower this weekend. Easy street is looking great. Looking forward to the big reveal on the Dresdens too -- the fabric looks so beautiful.

  9. It's all beautiful, Teresa. Saw that peacock fabric at the quilt show. Gorgeous.

  10. Love your granddaughter's little vignette. I started needlework with embroidery when I was a young girl ... and now I quilt.

    I agree ... that gray text really adds a nice touch to the star - love it!

    I can't wait to see your finished peacock.

  11. I am so excited for Tuesday to see what you're working on!
    Your granddaughter is doing a great job on the embroidery!
    You are having toooo much fun in your ivory tower! I had to look up that word and think it is a perfect descriptor! In my ivory tower, I am sewing the binding on my Dresden tonight!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  12. Please tell Emma that her embroidery is just wonderful! It really made me smile.

  13. love the peacock, looks like timeless treasure fabric? and great job on easy street

  14. Your peacock is just beautiful. Can't wait to see the "whole" quilt. You do such a beautiful job of quilting it too. Your Easy Street is a bit farther than mine. I don't have room on my design wall to put up all the blocks I've finished, but maybe soon. I'll be glad to get it done.!

  15. Your peacock is just beautiful. Can't wait to see the "whole" quilt. You do such a beautiful job of quilting it too. Your Easy Street is a bit farther than mine. I don't have room on my design wall to put up all the blocks I've finished, but maybe soon. I'll be glad to get it done.!

  16. Wow, you have alot going on! Yes, I have an ivory tower too. It's where my Longarm is and I enjoy being up there as it's nice and peaceful. I haven't had alot of time to be up there as I'm trying to piece a quilt for my granddaughter's birthday. I have two sewing rooms. One downstairs to sew in and one upstairs to quilt in. I have stuff in both rooms and thought I would be more organized but it's just another place to look! I can't wait to see what you are working on. I am really enjoying the Dresden Hop.

  17. I love your peacock project! Beautiful colors and beautiful aqua thread!I'm curious what the result will look like!

  18. Beautiful peacock, love the hand stitching.

  19. Hey Teresa, I like the text surrounding your star. It is such a fun touch. The peacock is looking absolutely gorgeous.
    Beth in MN

  20. Hi!!! I love it all!!! The peacock is amazing!!! Love everything about it!! Love it all though!!! I will be back on Tuesday!!!

  21. Ooh! Girlfriend ... I love that pink starburst! How fun!! The grey you've used in there is the perfect outline/compliment. Love your little raccoon stitchery ... in fact, the whole scene rather looks like it's from my back yard! Haha on the "Ivory Tower" ... Todd just says, "the room". :)


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