Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stash and Stitch Report - 1/20/2013

It's Sunday, and you know what that means.... 
           Stashing & Stitching!

Kathy over at Kathy's Quilts is thoroughly enjoying some slow stitching today, and I always love joining in on the pieceful fun with her.  I've been working on my Promises & Borders block quite a lot this past week, and I hope to finish it up today while I'm watching the NFL Playoffs.

I'm picking up the pace, because I'd really like to get this project done and out of the way so I can add some new ones.  For instance, I picked up this oh-so-cute book at the LQS the other day....

I LOVE Art-to-Heart, don't you?  Nancy Halvorsen's designs and fabrics are always a delight!  As I flipped through the pages, I realized that these designs can also be adapted to embroidery.... isn't this adorable?
Picture from Love Is by Art to Heart

I love this one in applique, and I wonder how it would look in embroidery....
Picture from Love Is by Art to Heart

This one may be my favorite... I wonder why?  LOL!!!
Picture from Love Is by Art to Heart
Poor Mama cats!  Aren't you glad we humans don't have litters?  

I bought the book so I could pretend that I'm going to make this amazing bag....
Picture from Love Is by Art to Heart

I say "pretend" because there are only about 5 bags on my project list before this one LOL!  But a girl brought one she made to our Guild meeting last week and I just loved it!  You never know, it could happen, right?

Well, enough day-dreaming about future projects I want to do.... I thought I would show you a little Stash Enhancement.

I recently obtained a sweet little Bernina, an older machine but in great condition and with lots of bells and whistles :*)   I needed a "piecing" machine set up in the sewing studio so that when I have my Janome 6600 set up for quilting I can leave it that way until I am done.

I wanted to take her in for servicing before I started trying to sew on her, since the previous owner said she had not worked with her in quite a few years.  That meant a visit to the Bernina dealer in Franklin TN .... can you say, ROAD TRIP?!?

There are no less than 3 wonderful quilt shops in Franklin, and of course we had to stop in every one of them LOL!  I was very proud of myself - I had a budget and I stuck to it!  Here's what I brought home...

You know I'm crazy about dots!  And these are the colors that were pretty much 
depleted from the stash while making Easy Street.  

I just love the different values of colors in the dots - it adds so much movement!
I just couldn't resist fat quarters of each of these in aquapurple and lime!

And I couldn't resist these Remix ovals from Robert Kaufman either ...
I got a fat quarter in every color.  But they make me dizzy looking at them all together LOL!

But here are my favorites.... saving the best for last!

They had these in several other colors too, but these four were crying to come home with me.  I can't wait to find out what I'm going to make with them ;*D  
When I find out I'll let you know too, okay?

So, are you slow stitching with Kathy today?  Do you have stash to share?  We all love eye candy!  Be sure to go check out what others are up to at Patchwork Times and Kathy's Quilts!

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Beautiful fabrics Teresa and having a second machine is always, always great! That book looks great and I love the mama cat and her kittens! Neat tote too!

  2. Oh, the laced hearts looks interesting! Pretty fabrics, you did good!

  3. I love Nancy Halvorsen designs. I have made her "Love Is," quilt. Lots of work but so adorable. You got some great stash additions too.

  4. Wow, cute projects in that book. I might have to look for it. I don't have enough books full of cat patterns yet. Love all of your fabrics.

  5. I too love all Nancy Halvorsen designs. And that block with the litter of cats describes my life beautifully!
    I laughed out loud for real (is that LOLFR!?!) when you talked about pretending to make that gorgeous bag...I'm pretending to make some lovely bags too!
    Enjoy your stitching today and thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  6. I envy that kind of shopping trip. There is one quilt shop in my area,and I love that place. But I'd really like to see a different one.

  7. I love her designs too....I made one of the BE Attitudes and have another one in a draw to be stitched.

    Love love the fabrics!!

  8. Your fabric enhancements are fantastic. You did real good girl. I love that cute bag that you are pretending to make. I too have several patterns of bags/purses that I planned to make over the years and still have not done it. Oh well, I guess when I really need one, I'll get it done! Your stitchery is beautiful as usual. Love your new machine too. As you know I'm a Bernina girl, so you will love her more after you've sewn on her for a bit. They are work horses in my book.

  9. Love your stitching. I would like to try it sometime. I love those art to art. I think I book. Enjoy your day. Im watching the playoffs too.

  10. Count me in on the Nancy Halvorsen love train... And what a great idea to turn those applique patterns into embroidery. Brilliant! Lovely new machine and beautiful fabrics too.

  11. You had a great week, new machine, new fabrics, new patterns....You are going to be one busy gal. Love your fabrics.

  12. Wow...what a wonderful post full of opportunities! The fabrics and the book will keep you very busy, and nice to have that 'new to you' machine!

  13. Beautiful fabrics! I love your stitchery and it has progressed so much this week. Great job.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Your stitching is just excellent. I love the "pretend" your going to make the bag....giggle.

  16. great dot fabric. I have few of Nancy's books. I haven't used them much but hopefully you will use your book more. I do love that heart table runner.

  17. A little stash enchancement sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a new sewing machine. Glad you are finishing your current project before jumping into the new. Seeing how cute the new project is, that must be hard.

  18. Your posts always bring a smile to my face and a song in my heart!! So JOYFUL!!!!

    No slow stitching for me today - bummer. I need to get my old machine fixed so I can have two - one for piecing and one for quilting! Great idea!!

    Be Joyful!!

  19. You do such a wonderful job of stash enhancement! LOL I love every one of the fabrics you purchased. Enjoy your "new" Bernina. They are my favorite machines. Your "Promises & Borders" block is lovely. Great message in each block.
    Beth in MN

  20. I love the brown dog stitching makes me think of my Lex. You did some great shopping I love what you bought.

  21. I just sit and giggle as I read through your posts. Always so refreshing and fun.
    Love the Promises and Borders block--I love each one!
    That is a great bag. What would it take to bump it to the top of the list?
    I love having one machine for piecing and one for quilting. I tell myself I am so much more productive now. : )
    Three quilt shops? I think you showed amazing restraint. Congrats on staying within budget. How do you do that?

  22. You have certainly inspired me to get my tub of Nancy Halvorsen fabrics and books bumped up to the top of my list. Love all her projects and never considered doing them in Redwork stitchery. I have the Bernina 180 as my everyday machine, use it all the time, but not the embroidery unit very much. Always so enjoy your posts. Judy C

  23. Love everything in your post. Wonderful fabrics and wonderful designs. What's not to love?

  24. I adore the Art to Heart books -- so fun!! And the idea of modifying from applique to embroidery is fabulous! Can't wait to see what you come up with!! :)


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