Thursday, February 9, 2012

February UFO Challenges

I am going to have to plead insanity for scheduling myself to take on TWO UFO's each month - one piecing project and one top to be quilted!  My reasoning was that I had twenty-four quilt tops languishing on a shelf in my sewing room closet that were desperately calling out to me every time I opened the door – “Save us!  Please quilt us and let us see the light of day once again!”

And I also had quite a few half-assembled projects that I really wanted to get done.  I hoped that getting on board for the Patchwork Times UFO Challenge would help hold my feet to the fire.  So I decided to work from two lists.

January worked out really well because Judy picked #5, which selected the Oriental Peacock wallhanging for my Piecing UFO, and my Iris Tango lap quilt top for the Quilting UFO.  Both were fairly easy and small enough to be manageable in a month’s time.  (Click on the name of each one if you missed my earlier posts about these quilts.)

But I knew that some of the projects I put on the lists would be well nigh impossible to complete in a month – especially getting my Dear Jane quilted.  Here is the top in all her glory!

So what number did Judy pull in February?  ......#1.  
And what projects are on my lists at #1? .......... **** drum-roll please ****

Quilting UFO – Oh yeah! You guessed it! – DEAR JANE!!!  I started quaking in my boots when I saw that Dear Jane’s number had come up!

I pieced Dear Jane over a 4-year period, meeting every Friday with a group of friends.  I took my time.  I was in no hurry.  But now I am getting anxious to have it DONE.  Two other girls are finished with their tops and they are almost finished hand-quilting them.  Not so Teresa!   As you can see, my quilt is more contemporary in color and design, so I decided that it did not require hand quilting.  However, even machine quilting seems pretty daunting to me right now!  I'm not even sure how I want to quilt some of these blocks.  And in what color?  My oh my!

But at least now I have a compelling reason to get it out of the closet and sandwich it in preparation to putting my nose to the grindstone!  I’ll start this weekend and keep you posted on my progress.  Wish me luck!!!

Piecing UFOScrappy Bearpaws 

This is doable since I already had 27 of the 36 blocks done and have gotten 3 more done this week.  Strips are cut and ready for assembly, so the blocks are really quick.  Once the remaining 6 blocks are done, I’ll need to make a jillion red & cream HST’s for the sawtooth border and then put it all together.  Compared to quilting Dear Jane, this part of the Challenge is a cake walk!  If I don’t get it finished, I’m pretty sure I’ll be close.

How are you doing on your UFO's this year?

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. That is a gorgeous quilt. What an accomplishment!

  2. Dear Jane is stunning! Love the black in it. I think black makes the colors really stand out! That would be an intimidating thing to quilt, for sure!

  3. Your Dear Jane is quite the challenge. I don't envy your decision as to how to quilt it. That is the hardest part for me sometimes.
    I admire your goals of 2 projects per month in different categories -- and I thought I was nuts with all my many goals and projects. Good luck Teressa -- I know you will make it!!


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