Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Retreat at St. Mary’s Sewanee!!!

I had hoped to get this post showing some of these pictures yesterday, but I was just a walking ZOMBIE!!!  I hope all my retreat buddies were not as exhausted as I was.  I did go to my Monday sit-n-sew group, but no machine.  I worked some more on my little Promises andBorders BOM #2.  

Isn’t it coming along nicely?  Finally a better picture - we have some sun today!  Can you see the lovely variegation from blue to purple in the flowers?  Have I said how much I’m loving this BOM?  =^..^=

Then I went home and took an old-fashioned, curl-up-on-the-sofa-with-a-quilt nap!!!  It felt wonderful & very refreshing.

So, today I’m feeling much more like my usual self and finally managed to get busy putting together all the pictures from retreat.  Wow!  Do we have a lot of talented ladies in our Piecemaker’s Guild!!!  My only regret is that I waited until the last day to take pictures, and some of our friends left before I thought to get pictures of their work :(    My apologies to Sue, Mary Lou, Brenda and Sisy!!!  Here's our group photo - SAY CHEESE!!!  We had to work on getting Joanne to smile!

A special Badge of Courage goes to Belinda who had surgery on her hand the morning of our first day - full anesthesia no less! - got up out of the hospital bed, got in her friend's car and came straight to retreat!  She had some pretty good drugs because she said it never hurt - wow!

Several of the girls were working on their Girls Just Want to Have Fun quilts.  This was a Guild class, so many of us are making it.  By now, it has been renamed, "Girls Just Want to Have it Done!"  Don't you just LOVE this one in purple batiks?

Below is Jan's Girls Just Want to Have Fun in Brights

Here is the cutest little dragon quilt you ever saw!

Carla worked on the border blocks for her Civil War Chronicles.  And worked on them.  And worked on them.....  But boy did her effort pay off, because they look wonderful!

Then, because she was sad when all those borders were done, she jumped right into her Lady of the Lake in civil war fabrics.  This girl is a glutton for punishment, I tell ya!

If you saw my March Calendar Quilt, this will look familiar - it is Joanne's masterpiece.  She also got a good start on her Quilts in Progress wall-hanging.

Julie is making an adorable little quilt from this panel.  She is adding some pinwheels to make it a little wider, and has the perfect stripe for her binding!

Donna used some of the decorative stitches on her Viking to sparkle up her Snowbound quilt all in soft cuddly flannels!

Lonna does wonderful Crazy Quilting!  This is a piece she is making for her mother since her father died.  It has some of her father's ties, and there on the upper left corner is one of her mother's hankies.  How sweet is that?

This is the center of another piece she is working on..... 

Sheryl made this cute little folded Prairie Points quilt from her sister Susan Cleveland's newest book - just too dang cute!!!

She also made this - perfectly mitered! - little quilt for her daughter.  She is a very new quilter, so she was understandably very happy with her results!

Lara is making this stunning McKenna Ryan quilt - wow!  Look at all the amazing details!

Katherine worked on this sweet Rail Fence.

And Pat showed off her Bargello wall-hanging - this is a lot harder than it looks!!!  Some of these rows are only 1/4" wide!

Teresa is tackling Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery, Orca Bay, and doing a great job of it too!  I just love this quilt and I think it's going to have to go on my "Want to Do Soon" list! =^..^=

Rhonda finished up this scrappy beauty that I understand has come to several retreats with her.  I just love the sparkle of scrappy quilts and this one is a real beauty!  I know she is glad to have it done!

Maggie used left-over half-square triangles to make this cute little wall-hanging - way to use 'em up Maggie!  Then she entertained us with her beautiful Cathedral Windows in progress!

Kim is peeking over the top of her happy spring-colors quilt with a whimsical rickrack sewn into the borders.  She had a "fun" time figuring out how to get that to work out nicely :)

She also made this Twin Sisters quilt out of civil war fabrics and gave us all a tutorial on how to make the blocks.  Of course, we couldn't keep the name straight and it became known as "Twisted Sisters" pretty quickly! =^..^=

Whew!  That's a lot of quilt projects!!!  And of course it's only a sampling of all the creating that was going on at St. Mary's.  Hopefully more ladies from our Guild will be able to join in all the fun next year.  And speaking of sampling, we really needed more ladies to finish up all the goodies on the snack table!  This is just what was left after we grazed all week!!!

So as you can see, a fun time was had by all!!!  Have a Happy Tuesday everyone!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Beautiful pictures Terri. I especially love the one from Lonna with her fathers ties included, very sweet! So glad you had a wonderful time, I know you did because you were exhausted. I wish you many more good times.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of these projects. Since I have never gone to a retreat, it is fun to feel a part of one vicariously. : )
    I especially loved the purple batiks, but there were so many lovely ones!

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous time at retreat too...aren't they just the best?!?!


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