Monday, October 15, 2012

Design Wall Monday - This and That!

I have a jumble of projects on my Design Wall this week.  Various things in stages of coming to life :*)

I finished up two more blocks for The Blue Collection.....

These blocks sit side by side on the quilt, so they were done on one piece of background together.... the fruits are pomegranates.

I'm preparing the next two blocks ...

.....but having a hard time finding the right fabrics for peaches.  Anyone ever tried to describe the color of a peach?  It's not pink, not orange... but even the traditional color for "peach" is too plain for it. 

These are some possible choices, but I have to stop by my LQS later today anyway so I may look for something more pleasing to me.  I may also make a stop at the grocery store and take a few pictures of peaches :*)

I plan to finish up the pillow shams to go with my Scrappy Bear Paws tonight if possible.  And then I plan to jump into Hawaii Sunset full force!

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Hugs & Blessings!


  1. You've got a busy day planned. Your blocks are lovely. I know what you mean about finding the perfect color for peaches. Good luck and have fun at the fabric store.

  2. Great blocks! Love the idea of photo'ing some peaches to get the 'feel' of the color, but you do have a nice pile of fabrics/

  3. What about a batik for the peach skin?
    And of course no two peaches have the same coloring :0)

    Lovely work, how beautiful!

    Happy Sewing

  4. So much gorgeousness on one design wall--how do you bear it? The Blue Collection blocks are so classy! Makes me think Mediterranean or something. Don't ask me to explain that--it makes no sense. : )
    Your colors are luscious!
    You'd think there would be a batik that would perfectly capture that peachy, blushing rosy color of the fruit (how was that for a color description?).
    Hawaiian Sunset really pops!

  5. Wonderful blocks! the colors and designs are yummy. Best of luck on the peach fabric hunt.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. I love your blocks and would love the pattern for Hawaiian Sunset, can you tell me where to find it? I really like your color combos. Thanks! Oh, and for the peach you can also look for pinkish orange or a rusty orange as some peaches kind of fade in colors.

  7. Another beauty!1 I just love you blue fabric collection, the blocks are so amazing. Man I just used the perfect fabric for peaches, it was a batik, golden orangish color in the background and then orangish red blush over it. I actually used it in an orange quilt. Good luck with your search.

  8. Wow....look at all those wonderful blocks. Great job!

  9. Too many projects are on my design wall!

  10. Your applique blocks are just beautiful. I think peaches can come in many colors depending on the type and ripeness. I'm sure you will find the perfect fabric at your LQS. I would try a hand dyed or batik as a starting point. Good luck.

  11. Très joli, grosse journée pour vous.
    Bisous du Québec.

  12. Your blocks are so stunning - love those vibrant colors and it is all coming together. The peaches - I would go with the fabric you have selected and if needed to add more color add a litle "peach blush" here and there using crayons!!! Just lovely from Judy C

  13. Anxiously awaiting seeing the pillow shams - are you using a particular pattern? Thanks from Judy C

  14. *Love* that butterfly fabric for the bowl. These blocks are turning out really, really gorgeous.

  15. I do love coming over to visit your design wall ... it's always filled with such pretty things! The Blue Collection is gorgeous -- love the blues you're using for that one!!! :)

  16. Did you say a few months ago that you are paperpiecing the flying geese. Do you have the paperpiecing pattern that you could email me?



  17. While perusing your blog (for the first time!) I thought of the perfect term to describe the colour of peaches: "embarrassed orange." They always have that lovely blush.

  18. Beautiful blocks and fabrics! Hope you found the right color of peach! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  19. That Hawaii Sunset block is stunning! Can't wait to get my first block done!

  20. I love the fabric choices you've made for your Blue Collection applique. I've seen a lot of quilters using crayons and colored pencils to get the proper tone in some applique blocks. That may be a good trick for your peaches.

  21. Teresa,

    Your projects are always "swoon-worthy". That blue collection quilt is going to be STUNNING!!!

  22. Love that vase and bowl. I'm sure you'll find just the right fabric for the peaches - look what you did with the yummy figs and pomegranetes. Thanks for linking to my Applique Thursday. I love all kinds of eye candy, but applique best.


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