Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Great Peach Quest!

As promised in THIS POST yesterday, I headed out this morning with a really great group of friends in search of suitable peach colored fabric.  Not just the color that is called "peach" but fabric that would really look like a peach in my Blue Collection applique project.

We headed north to Smith's Grove, Kentucky, so we could visit one of our favorite shops - Whittles!   If you're ever in the area, this is a quilt shop you've got to visit!  Great fabrics at unbelievable prices!!!  They also sell online - you can click on the name to link to their website for a nice little visit.  =^..^=

Once there, we were all wandering happily around the shop -- most of us a little drunkenly, because that's what happens when you overdose on fabric -- and suddenly I heard Joan around the corner say, "Hey Teresa?  Didn't you say you're looking for fabric to make peaches?  Look at this...."  

Peaches!!!  Real peaches on fabric!!!

I'm not really sure if I will be able to actually use these in my Blue Collection bowl of fruit ....

.......but wouldn't that be great if it works?  My greatest concern is that it may look out of place with all of the other "ordinary" fabrics, but I'm definitely going to try it and see what happens.  I know you'll all be chomping at the bit to find out the results of my foray into the world of broderie perse :*)  There was also a fabric with cherries on it, so look out world!!!!

If using the peaches fabric doesn't work, Judy over at Shade Tree Quilting had an excellent suggestion for me.  She said I might try to color in a "blush" on whatever fabric I use in order to get a more realistic peach look.  And by golly, I think that would work really well!  I've been wanting to play around with using crayons or colored pencils to shade in quilting elements anyway.  This would be the perfect opportunity to try it, right?

I also picked up a few other fabrics..... what, don't tell me you're surprised?!?  LOL!!!  My Stash Enhancement Report will take a real hit this week :*)   Look at these additions....

108" wide backing for a neutrals quilt I will be making in 2013.  My neutrals will include brown, black and gray, so this backing will be perfect!!!  That background color is black, not blue.
A really gorgeous neutral for a background ... at $4.50 per yard I just couldn't leave it there!

I just LOVE stripes - even better to find stripes AND polka dots!  I got a piece of all three colors =^..^=

Hoping to use these in a table topper for my breakfast room table.  I couldn't decide whether I liked the cream background or the gold background best, so I got both :*)

And of course a few random pieces just because I like them!!!

And what is it about Butterflies and me lately?  I saw this butterfly quilt made up as a sample at Whittles several months ago and FELL IN LOVE!!!  Yes, I know, I'm pretty wanton, falling in love with every quilt I see :*)  They were out of the pattern that day, so when I saw it on the pattern board today I quickly scooped it up......

I've already started collecting bold colorful fabrics for this one.  I think it will be a fun, easy & quick project - maybe SOON!!!

I couldn't have asked for a better group of fun ladies to spend a day with!  And I'm hoping we can all do it again someday soon!   =^..^=

I hope to soon have an update on progress on the Pillow Shams for the 

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Hope your peaches work out. And what fun fabrics you got - just love the extra wide!!

  2. Who knew you'd find peaches on fabric! Enjoy

  3. It sounds like you had such a fun day with your friends. That plus finding that elusive peach fabric. I'm anxious to see what you finally do with those peaches.

  4. Stripes AND poolka dots? Oh swoon!

  5. OH! I love the 'thankful' fabric -- it's awesome!! And the peaches are fabulous -- very realistic looking!! And the butterfly pattern is very darling -- wow -- you just lucked out on your fabric finds, too!!! :)

  6. So many wonderful finds, Teresa, my brain can't focus. But I had to laugh at the comment that you have "started" collecting bold, colorful fabric for the butterflies. Don't you already have oodles of bold, colorful stuff? : )
    Looks like you had a grand time--the joy exudes from your post!!

  7. What fun projects and awesome fabrics!

  8. Looks like you will be fussy cutting those peaches. Love those stripes with dots.

  9. Great applique work. I think my Mom made that same butterfly project. Always fun to spend time with quilting friends. Can't wait to see what you do with your peaches. Sandi

  10. So many beautiful new fabrics! What fun it will be to use it all up. Even if the peaches don't work on the front, they would certainly be perfect for a border or at least the backing. Love your neutrals, it is always nice to have a good sized selection to pull from.

  11. Wow!! Love, Love those stripes with the dots. Yummy! Butterfly Town looks like a fun pattern.

  12. What beautiful fabrics Teresa, love that neutral one! Looks like you had fun!


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