Friday, October 26, 2012

These Geese are Flying to Hawaii!

Lots & lots of Flying Geese units coming together!

I spent most of the day playing in the Ivory Tower!  I got lots of practice on my Big Shot Pro, cutting 2" strips for Hawaii Sunset.  I'm so happy with this machine and very glad that I bit the bullet and purchased it!  I don't even want to think about how my wrist would be feeling right now after cutting all those strips by rotary cutter today...

These were some scrap strips given to me by my friend Lori - they were the perfect size to cut down and add to the browns for this project!  Thanks Lori!!!
This is an example of how easy it is to cut strips out of my scraps.  Just lay them on the machine, roll it through and I have a handful of perfect, wonderful strips ready to be sewn up - YUM!!!

Then I got to work on the flying geese.  These are FUN!!!  Tomorrow I hope to find some time to play some more.  I'd like to get to the point that I can put together some more complete blocks like this one....

I had a lot of requests for the flying geese paper-piece pattern, and I'm happy to share. However, PLEASE make sure you are not a No-Reply Blogger or that you leave your email address in the comment if you are.  You can change this setting in your Blogger Profile settings.

Karen - I'd love to send you the pattern, but you are set up as No-Reply so I do not have your email address.  Please email me separately or leave your email in a new comment so I can send this out to you :*)

But that was not all of the fun I had today....   Surprises were in store for me too!!!  

First, my "little girl" got engaged!!!!

Whoop! Whoop!  
I am so happy for this sweet couple whom God has joined together!
(I have a picture of the two of them but I can't find it!)

And second, my mailbox showed me some love!!!  Seriously, I've been practicing being nice to my mailbox, like Denise over at Count It *All* Joy does - She is getting love packages all the time!  So I decided maybe I needed to be nicer to my mailbox.  And Lo and Behold - it works!!!!  Or, just maybe, I was nice to Denise?

She did a wonderful book review of this book on her blog, and she said she could tell from my comments that I would enjoy the book and that it should come live with me.  I am a happy camper folks!!!


I shouldn't be surprised that this day turned out to be such a nice one.
         This is how it started out.....

This gorgeous view to share with the LORD this morning, and my sweet Gypsy all cuddled up in the blanket on my lap....

Yep, God is good and so is Life! =^..^=

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Those flying geese are gorgeous. The array of color is so yummy!
    Oh, congrats to your daughter! What joyful news!!
    Hmm, how do you be nice to a mailbox? I need to figure that one out. : )

  2. Loving how your blocks are turning out! Congrats to your daughter, how exciting! Does this mean there is a wedding quilt in the future?

  3. Sorry, I did not realize that you could not reply to my request for the flying geese pattern. You can reach me at

    Thanks so much and sorry for the problem.


  4. You really DID have a wonderful day today -- lots of pretty pink geese, a new son in law to be (congrates you your daughter) and a lovely book to boot. You deserve it all. Have a happy weekend.

  5. Love Love the Hawaiian Sunset blocks! It's so colorful and happy! Congrats to you and your daughter! Prayers for much happiness their way!

  6. Beautiful block. What a fun quilt this is going to be. Glad you are enjoying your new die cutter. It does save so much repetitive motion and time. What exciting news on the engagement! Is there a wedding quilt in your future? Happy sewing.

  7. YAY!! Congratulations to your beautiful daughter -- the days ahead will be such fun and so sweet (and crazy, too)! Your flying geese are marvelous ... after waking up to the very cold this morning, I'm thinking I might like to fly to Hawaii, too! LOL! I've got interest in your paper piecing, too!!

    I'm happy your mailbox was nice to you! Enjoy, my sweet friend!! :)

  8. Love those blocks and the colors? Awesome! Congratulations to your "little girl" - what a special time in her life (and yours). Beautiful sunrise and spent with a special fur baby = priceless.

  9. Those flying geese are just yummy! I'd like to have the paper piece pattern, please. I don't think I'm a 'no reply', but just in case
    I'm a subscriber and I enjoy your blog so much. Congrats to your daughter, I wish them much happiness.

  10. Oh those flying geese blocks with the pink are gorgeous!
    Congrats on the daughter's engagement too.
    Gypsy, your cat is not bundled up in any ordinary "blanket" that looks like a beautiful quilt to me!

  11. I would like the pattern also. Wow your quilt is so beautiful

  12. Best Wishes to your "little" girl. The Hawaii Sunset is looking wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your geese pattern with me. I have a long way to go, but yours have inspired me to get after those geese.

  13. Best wishes to your daughter! Your flying geese are beautiful. I would love the pattern. Thanks!

  14. Oh Happy Day for your daughter! I'd love the pattern for those yummy flying geese.

  15. Just finding your blog as a start my Hawaii Sunset. I've never tried paper piecing but I wonder if it will be easier than piecing single triangles for all those geese. Please send your pattern so I can try. Thank you.

  16. Could you send me this pattern? I love how scrappy it looks! I'm already setting fabric aside for it. Thanks in advance. Natalie Matthews

  17. I just found your blog! Love your fabric choices. Would you please sed the greese pattern? Thank-you so much!

  18. Can you please send me the pattern for the Hawaii 1845 quilt? My email address is
    Thank you so much!!

  19. Can you please send me the pattern for the Hawaii 1845 quilt? My email address is
    Thank you so much!!


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