Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Peace is Restored =^..^=

What makes you happy?

I mean, creatively HAPPY?  Besides the usual things necessary to our happiness like love, family, home, etc, what needs to be in place in order for your creative juices to leap for joy?  What sets your feet firmly in the direction of Creative HAPPY-ness?

An orderliness in your studio?  The privacy to create uninterrupted?  New tools and fabrics to play with?  A new pattern calling your name?  Retreating with a group of great friends?

For me, as I imagine for a lot of you, it is a combination of many things that makes me feel HAPPY in my own little quilting universe.   Probably foremost for me is the need to be IN LOVE with my current project!  But when I get too many things going - all of which I may be hopelessly IN LOVE with - I also need to have a definite sense of direction or I begin to feel like I'll spin off my wheels and out into never-never land!

After all of my moaning and groaning directional soul searching on Monday's post (click HERE if you missed it), I decided that I definitely need a better way to organize my work in the sewing studio.  So I put together a very thorough prioritized list of the projects I would like to have done in the next few months, and then I broke them down into 3 categories - Machine Projects, Applique/Stitcheries, and Quick Projects.

Pretty simple plan, but I began to feel better immediately!

What was my #1 Project?  
Hawaii Sunset!!!

I didn't have to think very long about which project I really, really wanted to work on, so needless to say I've been busily, happily, working away on this wonderful, colorful project all day today :*)  I'm hoping to add lots more of these blocks to my design wall by the end of the week :*)

I printed all the paper patterns for the flying geese and prepared the pieces for all the pink goose "wings" by cutting 2-1/2" squares and then cutting the squares diagonally.

I have to have 1,200 of these little suckers pieces!!!  Which means that I also need 600 "body" pieces, so I dug into my scrap bins of blue, red, yellow, green and brown and cut some rectangles for those :*)

I find that paper-piecing goes much more quickly for me if the pieces are cut to size before I start.  I also like to chain piece them two at a time, which saves time and thread.  These geese sections go together in no time flat!!!

Then I cut some 2" strips for the inner parts of the blocks.  I used my new Sizzix Big Shot Pro to do this job - it's the first time I've actually used it for a project!  I was nervous.... I held my breath..... but the strips turned out GREAT!!!

Here are my little red strips and geese "body" sections, all ready for my next session of Hawaii Sunset fun!!!

I put The Blue Collection at the top of my Applique list even though I have no hope of finishing it anytime soon.  It is a HUGE project and all hand done, so it will take quite a while yet.  But I'm really enjoying it right now and that's enough for me. =^..^=  Once I prep the pieces for the next block I can work on that in the evenings.  Also on that list are Vintage Valentines and Promises & Borders - both of them could potentially be done by the end of the year and will get some love in the next few months :*)

As for the Quick Projects, I have a few table toppers and other little miscellaneous projects I want to work into the schedule here and there. ....
Marita at The Quilter's Path got in this gorgeous gilded pear fabric and matching background and made the cutest little Partridge in a Pear Tree quilt - of course I have to make one!

And I've decided to join Jenny over at Sew Kind Of Wonderful in her "Curve It Up" Quilt Along.

I bought her Quick Curve Ruler several months ago because I just LOVE the exciting original designs she is putting out.  You really should go over to her site and check out her patterns - gorgeous!!!  The idea for the QAL is that Jenny will take traditional quilt blocks and "Curve" them up.  Here is her first block - a churndash....

Block by Jenny Pedigo from Sew Kind of Wonderful Blog
I think this will be the perfect opportunity for me to play with the ruler and have fun with it!  I'm still trying to decide what fabrics/colors to use so I haven't begun to make the block yet.  This is another project that has my HAPPY meter going off the charts :*)

So.... what makes YOU happy????  
I'm headed back to the Ivory Tower now to have some more fun....

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Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Wow, Teresa, you are still keeping a lot of projects in the works! And they are all wonderful! I have been following Jenny, but I have opted not to participate. I haven't bought the ruler--couldn't bring myself to invite another tempting gadget into my sewing room at the moment. Too many gift projects to finish up. You must be related to the Energizer Bunny! : )

  2. Teresa, been reading just not commenting - too many quilting projects to work on!!! LOL!!!

    I, too, sat down a few weeks ago and prioritized my projects. Then I make a weekly list of quilty things that I want to accomplish - even down to how many pieces I cut and/or blocks I piece. It is working well, and I don't feel so overwhelmed! I've been super strong and caved to any new projects! But Oh I do love seeing everyone's beautiful creations - and yours are at the top of my list!!!


  3. Sounds like you have made a great start, but love seeing the word 'happy' in your mix! The curved project has my interest, but need to think that addition to my mix.

  4. I think I have to love what I am working on to stay motivated ; ) lovely quilt

  5. Looking at your BEAUTIFUL Hawaii Sunset quilt top makes me happy.
    You are the second blogger that I have seen playing with these quilt blocks. Is this a retreat quilt? I love bright colorful quilts.

  6. Wow! I love the colors in that quilt!

  7. great projects....
    I love my studio, it's sometimes a bit messy, but I don't mind :-) I have my baby here in her swing on in a carrier ON me :-) I have spotify playing and I love sewing/quilting all day.

  8. So many wonderful projects!! Love the quick curve block!! So cute!!

  9. Oh Teresa ... I *have* to know where you got that pear fabric. It's GORGEOUS!! (And I love it, and I think I must have a bit of it. HAHA!! Please tell me you found it online somewhere and can send me a link or selvage info!!!) The curved block looks like fun! I love the look of curves, but they intimidate me just a tad. I think I've done maybe two blocks that have curves in them. Practice, I know!! Glad you've got a fun lineup/direction ahead!! You _motivate_ me!! :)

  10. Teresa, YOU ARE INDEED an inspiration! Love your flying geese blocks, but I also really enjoyed your thought process... I know that one of the things I need to do, is be more organized. So much of the time I am just free-flowing... making up more projects that I can think about finishing. Sometimes, I just need to throw out a bad idea! and that, is truly freeing! Gosh, I have a big shot cutter... but I admit i have not thought about using it so wonderfully. i have some unfinished geese blocks... hmmm! EnJOY girl! I sure did. Thanks for the post!

  11. What good ideas along with some beautiful work! Yep, you truly are amazing! And it does delight me to hear of your pursuit of creative happiness! Prayers that you will reach your destination with all the fun along the way!

  12. Your Hawaii Sunset fabrics make me happy too. Sometimes it is just about picking something and starting. Glad you found a direction and headed there.

  13. Love how your Hawaii Sunset is coming along. Do you have a copy of the freezer paper that you made up? I found the pattern but it has the old-fashioned way of making geese. Thanks..I'm happy just watching your projects :)

  14. Your selection of pink fabric makes me happy!!! So cheerful and yummy!!!

  15. Do you have the paperpiecing pattern for the flying geese. I would really like a copy since I agree that it would be easier and more accuratethan any other method.



  16. Have that ruler! Thanks for letting me know about the Curve it Up Quilt Along. I'm too busy right now, but I'm going to save the blocks and make them later.


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