Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun Stuff on the Design Wall

I have been working on two really fun projects this week....

Hawaii Sunset....

Three blocks completed!  And bits and pieces of several more in the works.  I know a lot of people will make all the flying geese first, then all the nine-patch centers, etc.  You know who you are!  *wink!*  And these people get a lot more done than I do, and a lot faster too.

But I just can't work that way.  I get really, really bored working on the same type pieces one after the other by the hundreds!  I have to get that quick little burst of gratification by seeing a completed block! =^..^=  Are any of you like me in this?  I work on flying geese for a while, then I work on nine-patches, then I put together blocks - yep, it makes me happy :*D

This quilt has quite a way to go yet, so you'll be seeing it again!

I also got busy with the first block of the Curve It Up QAL.
For each block, Jenny and Helen will take a traditional quilt block and "Curve it Up" using this ruler.

This is the Quick Curve Ruler I bought from Jenny over at Sew Kind of Wonderful about 6 months ago.  It never left the package.  But when she announced her Quilt Along I knew it was time to grab it and get sewing.  These are the fabrics I chose to use, with a nice yummy Kona Cream for the background.

The instructions are given on the blog and also as a PDF file, so I set up my iPad next to my sewing machine and followed the directions easily from there.

As you can see from the screen, the first block is a curved-up Churndash.  

I have to admit I was pretty nervous starting this block, because curves can be intimidating enough all on their own, without any fancy rulers to complicate things further - you know what I mean?  Yep, I thought you did!  And I have to say, this ruler could be confusing too, except for one thing - Jenny gives excellent instructions!   You know exactly where to place the ruler for the correct cut....

I also used my Curvemaster presser foot to sew the curves, which worked like a charm!

Jenny adds in enough room in her measurements so that you don't have to be perfect in sewing your curves because you trim down the unit to make it perfect!

Here are all four of my happy little curved units...

Then I added some half-square triangles which made this cute little "bridge" shape :*)

Putting it all together with the center section, I got this lovely block!

It's a doozie of a block -  16 inches finished!  

I was very happy with how this block came together!!!   If you want to join along with us, it's not too late.  Just click HERE for the instructions for the first block!

Now, I'm looking forward to the next block =^..^=

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Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Oh, that block came together beautifully. Those colors are lovely--the soft blue with that gorgeous purple!
    I SO agree on the sewing of all of one unit and then all of the next. Can't do it, unless it is a mini quilt with very few units. I have to mix it up--have variety, or I get bored and move on to something else.

  2. Love your curved block Teresa, and the fabrics you chose to use. :) And I also love love love the Hawaii Sunset quilt.. looking forward to following its progress. I am like you, too.. I need to see a finished block to keep my motivation going. :)

  3. Beautifil; I may join in myself. I have a curve ruler but not sure if its that one.

  4. LOVE your HS blocks. I'm guilty of making all the geese and 9 patches but now I am ready to play and put together my blocks. :) I think whatever method makes you happy. I was an obsessed with the geese.

    LOVE your fabrics for the QAL that I will not be doing. Can't wait to see more blocks.

  5. I love the Churn Dash block. Great job.

  6. what an impressive finished block..

  7. Love the purple fabrics with the punch of orange and lime.

  8. I work the same way you do, for the same reason. I tend to make my blocks in batches of 5. So, I'd do enough nine patches and enough geese etc. for 5 blocks, sew them together, and then start again

  9. Both projects are wonderful. Beautiful piecing. Will that curvemaster foot fit a Bernina?

  10. I have to reassure myself that all of the pieces are going to fit together...then I have to see how the blocks are going to look together... And having some of the blocks done already either motivates me to finish the whole thing, or makes it easy to finish as a smaller quilt!

  11. The curved blocks are beautiful. I love the Hawaii sunset, I am a one block at a time person myself. I feel like I am making something and not just churning out a product. I like savoring each moment....:)

  12. Love the fabric. Is this Good Fortune by Kate Spain? I have a shop and this fabric seems very popular with all the bright colors.

  13. Hey! I love your curvy churn dash block -- it reminds me of the Golden Gate Bridge! Your Hawaii Sunset is just gorgeous, Teresa. Your piecing on it is fabulous, too! I really like the quick curve ruler. I'm such a gadget gal ... I may have to put one of these on my Christmas list! :)

  14. I love your Hawaiian Sunset. The colors are so perfect. All the beautiful tropical flowers, etc. in one block. I also make a few blocks as I go along. I like to see what it is going to look like before I get too far along, so in case I don;t like the look I can change or abandon the project before it is too late.

  15. My Hawaiian Sunset got set aside. My daughter's wedding quilt took it's place. I hope to get back to it in December when the wedding madness has ended.

  16. LOL..I have all the parts done but have yet to get a whole block together...can't wait to see these on my wall. Yours looks GREAT!

  17. I *want* that ruler! Gonna happen one day. :) And I am so in love with your Hawaii sunset project. Can totally relate to getting bored with doing the same things over,over. I'm the same way. Have to work in a circular fashion with projects rather than seeing one through from start to finish.

  18. Amazing as always! You would almost make a painter want to quilt! (smile)

  19. Your flying geese blocks are coming along great. Your curved block is so nice and soft.

  20. I'm with you in how I go about making my quilts - too much repwetitveness makes me feel like an assembly line, very boring :) Your curvy churndash looks great :)

  21. Looks beautiful Teresa and I have to always make at least the first block of a new project.Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  22. Isn't that a fun twist on the churn dash! I\m in this QAL too, but still waiting for my ruler to arrive!

  23. Your curved block looks fabulous! What a cool presser foot!


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