Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finding My Direction

I laughed out load when I read Kathy's post at Kathy's Quilts this morning!  She asks the question, "How do you find your direction and make your choices of what quilts to make?"

Of course that is not a funny question, but what was funny is that I had just been thinking not 30 minutes earlier that I needed to stop, take stock of my projects and decide on my direction going forward!

For the past few weeks, I have been headed in one direction - getting my guest room ready for my mom's visit.  I wanted to have Scrappy Bearpaws and its shams on the bed to welcome her when she got here.

Mission accomplished!!!

And don't Mom & Darryll look happy???

The shams are made from the last of this favorite red paisleys fabric and quilted on my domestic machine with an allover swirly flower design similar to the panto I used on the quilt.  I used a gorgeous variegated pinks-to-red King Tut thread for the quilting - Yummy!!!!

I didn't have enough fabric to do the entire shams in the red paisleys though, so I used muslin for the center of the backs...

My mom left yesterday to go back home, and so today I am pondering.....  Which direction now?

Are you like me?  So many projects in the works that you have a hard time deciding
which one gets your attention today?  

I have friends who only work on one project at a time.  They have no problem deciding what they are going to sew on each day.  They know!  Me?  Not so much!  I LOVE all the projects I have going, and I also have quite a few I want to start...

Today will be a day of reflection and decision.  I want to enjoy what I'm working on, to pick out the project that sets my finger tips tingling in anticipation and makes my inner child feel as free & happy as this little girl as I sew, sew, sew.....

............ what will it be????

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Hugs & Blessings!


  1. What a great post Teresa! Of course you know me......lots of projects always going on and I have come to realize that is part of my nature. I keep thinking I want to be one of those people who only work on one thing at a time but.....that's not me. Love your first photo!! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  2. I love traditional quilt patterns and your scrappy bearpaws is gorgeous. Nice shams, too.
    There must be something about the seasons changing that makes us reflective and want to re-group. Plus,I think you and I have short attention spans. LOL I definitely have to be in the mood for a particular project. I occasionally like a project that has a deadline, too, even if it is self-imposed. I think your bearpaw fell into this category recently. Nice finish!

  3. Oh Teresa ... throw life in there on top of all the projects (and never mind the non-quilting projects I want to do) and my sign looks about liek that one you posted with Hermiston on the bottom. In fact, I'm thinking perhaps Hermiston isn't a bad choice. LOL!!! Your mom and Darryll do look very happy -- sweet couple!!! Hugs!!! :)

  4. Your Bear Paw quilt looks great on the bed with those shams. Nice way to stretch the fabric as far as you can! : )
    I know what I am sewing today--Halloween costumes for grandkids!

  5. A wonderful, delightful post. I have decided I need to wind down. Finish those near end BOM/QAL's for the year and made a list of projects for 2013 - they are slowly being boxed/toted/labeled up so ready for the new year. If I feel the 'urge' for something new, it will be a small project that gets finished.

  6. Happy couple here! We did so enjoy our lovely room with the bearpaws quilt, but even more the beauty of Terrie and her husband's entire home. We had a wonderful time the whole weekend and it was beautiful weather for the Octoberfest where our picture was taken as well. I am so proud of my daughter's beautiful work in the quilting arena. She has a wonderful talent in the area of blending colors in those quilts she puts out. I pray she will have the direction she needs to go forward with this wonderful gift! I know people think I must be biased as her Mom but those of you who have seen her work know I do not boast! Many blessings on the quilting community today and all the wonderful and amazing beauty you create in your world. What fun!

  7. I always have multiple projects going, and lots more planned. When I do one big project start to finish, it throws me off once it's done!

  8. Your bear paw quilt is gorgeous! You idea of making the red paisley pillow shams works perfectly with it. I'm a sucker for paisley and your red paisley leaves me breathless, lol. That was a great idea to back the shams with muslin - I must remember that. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Gorgeous quilt! I always have more projects going than I have time for. LOL!

  10. lovely quilt! it's so beautiful and the shams go with it just great.
    and i'm a total project hopper, so much so that it drives me crazy! in fact i just buckled down and made a baby quilt start to finish over the weekend simply to prove to myself i could do it, haha!

  11. Wonderful that you have some time to think about which direction is the photos!
    And what a great quilt to sleep!

  12. Your quilt and shams are beautiful, Teresa. Your second directional sign appears to have been taken somewhere in Oregon. Tri-Met is our bus system. Hermiston and Independence are both little towns in Oregon. Washington Park and our Zoo are located right near one another. Cool! And the Pacific Ocean? About 82 miles from Portland. Also, I see one of the signs that says Portlandia...a Portland landmark on our City Building.

  13. Your post left me laughing and that is good for my soul! Your quilt and shams are beautiful. I'll be coming back for more of your humor!

  14. Mmmmm... gorgeous Bear Paw quilt! I like how you made the shams. Multiple projects at a time??? Isn't variety the spice of life???

  15. ooooh, I love a scrapy bear claw quilt :)


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