Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stash Enhancement Report

The program for our Music City Quilt Guild this month was our annual Yard Sale.

I really enjoy this event because one quilter’s trash is another quilter’s treasure, right?  I’m a real sucker for a yard sale of any kind, and a quilting yard sale is my idea of nirvana!!!  Gently used items at dirt cheap prices – oh yea!!!

The ground rules are that everyone brings at least one item that they no longer want, we put a price and our name on it – if it doesn’t sell we have to take it back home :*)  All the items are placed on the tables and we are allowed to “shop” before the meeting and during breaks - BUT we cannot buy yet, only look.  After the meeting, the president gives the call to shop and we all run for our desired items! 

Yep, it’s a free-for-all scramble!!!!  

In minutes the tables are wiped almost clean!  What doesn't sell after the first round gets discounted to half price.  All proceeds go to the Guild as a fund raiser to finance our national teachers and other Guild events throughout the year.

I managed to pick out a few treasures of course! =^.,.^=  This is my favorite….

I was lucky enough to be seated near the table that had this wonderful sweatshirt and I grabbed it quickly!  I wasn’t even sure if it would fit me but I figured I could either make it fit or use it as a pattern to make a new one that does fit me :*)

I also picked up a little fabric – about 2 yards that will be added to my Stash Enhancement Report

About a yard of these quilting related fabric remnants 
Two really pretty homespuns - I see Christmas presents here!
I might have had a finish this week, but I’m doing a lot of this instead …..

Yuk!!!  While I was quilting this top – almost finished quilting it by the way - I realized some of my seams looked like this….

Really???  How did I not see this???

I finished this top up at retreat several years ago, and I remember the lighting was terrible where I was sitting, but this is ridiculous!  How could I not see what these intersections looked like?  Oh well.  *sigh*  I’ll certainly be doing a lot of frogging before this top can become a quilt.

So here's my report for this week...

Stash Enhancement Report - October 7, 2012 

Used/Destashed this week:  0 yards
Used/Destashed YTD 2012: 209.25 yards
Stashed this week: 2.00 yards
Stashed YTD 2012: 217.00 yards
Net Used for 2012: -7.75 yards

Be sure to check out how everyone else is managing their stash at Patchwork Times!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Now I'm really sorry I mised the meeting and yard sale. I would have given you a run for your money on that sweatshirt. LOL

  2. I'm with you, Teresa - a quilting yard sale is my idea of nirvana!!!
    Love the bits you got - look all like treasures to me!

  3. Obviously, I'm not sewing fast enough. I like your guilds rules better than my guilds. I always get stuck storing whatever is leftover in my basement. This summer they had a garage sale, open to everyone (after we priced and chose what we wanted, first) and I told them that NOTHING was coming home with me. Cute fabrics!

  4. What a fun time!!!! Reduced fabric - perfect time spent!! And you got some beauties!!

    I have had to undo, too!!


  5. How about a little applique over the not so perfect joins?!? Great "new" purchases!

  6. I have made notation of this event in my guild program notebook as a suggestion - love the idea.

  7. Oh my goodness, that sale sounds like a Black Friday door crasher event!! I hope no one gets injured.
    You made some great buys.
    What does it say about us that we have to unpick things like that? : )

  8. I am going to miss our guild's auction next week ... I think that may be a not-so-disguised blessing!! LOVE the sweatshirt and the sentiment it displays!!! :)

  9. I tried really hard to grab the sweatshirt Teresa! LOL What's wrong with those seams pictured??

  10. Thanks for describing so well how this was set up, I'll be able to suggest it to my group.


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