Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What's Up?

Fun stuff, that's what!!!  
                   Mysteries and NewFO's and Giveaways... 


***  Looking for my Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol 6 GIVEAWAY?  Click HERE! ***

First of all, Bonnie Hunter's new 2012 Mystery starts today!!!

Fabric requirements for Easy Street are published on Bonnie's blog today and I've printed out my copy.  Have you?  How many of you are Bonnie fans?  Yep, me too!  I haven't yet decided whether I'll join the craziness of doing it on the Mystery schedule, but I will definitely save the instructions.  The colors in this year's mystery are absolutely YUMMY!!!  They tempt me, yes they do!!!

I love her mysteries, but I'm having a hard time justifying the start of another project right now, you know what I mean?  Although, she DOES promise that this quilt will be less intensive than the last couple were.  That's good to know, right?  Tempted.......

Bonnie is coming to our Music City guild in April 2013, so our program for November will be all about her and her quilts to give everyone a chance to learn to love her like we do :*)  I'm heading up the program, so not a lot of sewing has gone on in my house this week.  I did manage to get some prep work done on my current handwork project The Blue Collection and the tracing done for a little Christmas table topper, Partridge in a Pear Tree...

Won't this make a gorgeous bowl???  YUM!!!  This is the bowl for those infamous PEACHES!!!
Doesn't look like much yet, does it?  Hehehe.....

And don't forget that today is the day to link up with Barbara at Cat Patches for her 2012 NewFO Challenge party!


I started several projects in October.  First was the Partridge in a Pear Tree that you see in it's infant stages above.  I also joined up with Sew Kind of Wonderful's Curve It Up QAL and made my first block for that, a curved up Churndash .....

I want to thank you all for responding to my question of whether you work on all one section of a quilt at a time or put blocks together as you go.  It seems a lot of you work the same way I do - I was surprised since most of my sew buddies are in the "one section at a time" camp.  It's nice to find out that so many of you like to see your blocks come to life as you go, just like me :*)

And since I always like to leave you wanting more..... 

Lookie what turned up in my mailbox the other day!  

Two copies of the newest Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks - Collector's edition Vol 6!!!  

I was a block tester for this issue and had great fun with the blocks that came my way!  It was fun seeing the blocks in the published magazine too, I almost felt maternal toward them :*)

Since I was gifted with 2 of them, I think it's time for a GIVEAWAY here very soon!  We've got lots to celebrate, you know.....  I just realized the other day that I'm very near 300 followers - woohoo!!!  And I'm right on the verge of 40,000 post views - I never dreamed I'd reach even close to that when I started A Quilt and A Prayer last December.  And last, but not least, it will be my birthday this weekend!  So.... how about I give YOU a gift on my birthday?  Come back to visit this Saturday and we'll see if I can add any more goodies to this giveaway, what do you say?  Fun, right?!?

And speaking of FUN, I'm also linking this post up with Kathy's Slow Sunday Quilting and Angie's Applique Thursday :*D

Okay, I'm off and running - lots to accomplish today.  

I'm sending prayers out for all those in Sandy's wake. My heart breaks to think of the suffering she has caused.   Please join me in prayer for them!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Beautiful Churn Dash block... I just got that ruler... oh for the love of pete... when am I gonna be able to use it?!!

  2. I love that bowl for your "Blue Collection" peaches. Gorgeous.
    You have definitely left your mark in blogland in a short time, Teresa. It is a pleasure following you!

  3. Oh my gosh! I love those blues. And count me in on the giveaway. Looking forward to it.

  4. I like the churn dash block. I have been to two of Bonnie Hunter's lectures. She is a very interesting and giving person and is full of energy. You will enjoy her lecture and she brings several of her quilt samples for you to see. I made her Double Delight quilt and it turned out beautiful.


  5. Sounds fun! See you Saturday ; )

  6. love all your reasons for celebrating ... love your partridge in a pear tree preps, too. looking forward toseeing that one!

  7. Your peach bowl is perfect. You are making great progress on that project. And your curved churn dash -- wow, what can I say; very neat! Happy Birthday early (I was curious what sign you were born under). You have so much energy and organizing skills.
    I'm always up for a giveaway. Congratulations on your many followers and post views. That's a bunch in such short time. You really do have a knack for sewing and blogging as you are well aware. I'm so happy to be one of your followers.

  8. I saw that this morning on Bonnies blog! Giddy! I was going to do orca bay last year. Saved the instructions... computer that it was saved on (that was only three months old) died! All my pics and saved info gone! Lesson learner! Back it up!

  9. As always -- BUNCHES going on over here!! You're blue fabrics are gorgeous, gorgeous!! I haven't been able to find any of the pear fabric locally, but I've found it online. There will probably be some in my PO box, soon. LOL!! How fun for you -- getting copies of 100 Blocks already!! NICE stuff!! I'm so glad you decided to start your've become such a dear, darling friend!! :)

  10. Wow that blue is fabulous. I love the bowl.

  11. Oh my, those blues ---- I am drooling! That is such fun looking block. You amaze me with your work.

  12. Your curved Churndash is really neat and loved the blue bowl for your peaches! I am planning on doing Bonnie's mystery quilt, I need some more black on whites and purples and then I'm ready to go!

  13. Lucky you having Bonnie Hunter coming to see y'all. Love all your projects. Thanks for linking up at Applique Thursday.


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