Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stash Enhancement Report - 10-28-12

Pumpkin Pete is here to give the Stash Enhancement Report today ....

Isn't he cute?!?   

I first met Pumpkin Pete at our Guild Association's Assembly Day.  He was just a printed panel on a vendor's table, looking all cute and hopeful that someone would pick him up and put a few stitches in him so he could be a Real Pumpkin.  My friend Lynn saw him first and picked him up right away, paying big bucks for him just 'cause he was so cute!  When I looked for another one, I was very disappointed to find that he was the last one :-(

Not one to be deterred from my new crush, I got on the Internet when I got home and found Pumpkin Pete there, lonely and looking for a home -- and at a much better price too - just $5!  I really enjoyed stitching and quilting him up - don't you just love the 3D sunflower?

Now he is happy living here with us and enjoys greeting everyone who visits our home during the Fall season :*)  We don't celebrate Halloween, but I do enjoy all the colors and fun of the Fall season!  Smiling jack-o-lanterns are fun and happy.  I also have this cute little wall hanging on my sewing studio wall.  I had to take it at an odd angle because it is behind my design wall boards, so it looks a little crooked :*)

This was part of a series of small wall calendar hangings I did several years ago.  The outer checkerboard is a holder with flannel in the center behind where the cat is.  Each month I can remove the center "quilt" and stick a new one on the flannel, and the small blue border folds over the edges to keep it in place :*)

This little October quilt was done with a combination of applique and embroidery.  You trace off the pattern, embroider on the lines, and then cut up the pieces of fabrics to fit inside the lines and fuse them in place.  I really like the mosaic effect, don't you?

Close up of Fall Kitty.....

Close up of Pumpkin
So as they say,
Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

Stash Report
No finishes but one really cute add....

I bought 2-1/2 yards of this - all they had on the bolt.  Isn't it wonderful?  I love the flurry of light, medium and dark blue dots on a creamy/white background.  Can't you just see this as a background for a gorgeous Blue Christmas quilt?  Yep, it got my creative radar bouncing around like crazy!!!

Stash Enhancement Report - October 28, 2012 

Used/Destashed this week:  0.0 yards
Used/Destashed YTD 2012: 222.75 yards
Stashed this week: 2.50 yards
Stashed YTD 2012: 252.75 yards
Net Used for 2012: -30.00 yards

Show us what you've stashed/finished at Patchwork Times!

Hugs & Blessings!
Teresa & Pumpkin Pete


  1. Love the 'frame' display for your mini's - great idea. And your new purchase, wow!

  2. Pumpkin Pete is the perfect Fall decoration - everyone who comes to your home will be smiling once they see him. The blue dot fabric is yummy! I can see so many uses for it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I do like the mosaic effect on your cat quilt. What fun to change your quilt out with the seasons. Looks like you are all ready for fall colors. Enjoy the new season.

  4. Such cute Halloween quilty projects. I can see all kinds of possibilities for that blue dotty fabric. Great addition for your stash!

  5. Just love Pumpkin Pete. I wish I had seen this one before it would have been great for my granddaughters school. I just did a panel from HAPPY HOWLOWEEN and put boarders on it and the kids just loved it.

  6. Such awesome-ness, Teresa!!! I enjoyed the post.

  7. Oh! I'm so glad I perused backwards--these two were too cute to miss!! I adore the pumpkin in the hat -- that's marvelous!!! :)


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