Friday, April 12, 2013

On the Needles - 4-12-13

I've started my first sock!!!

After so much wonderful encouragement from all of you, I screwed up my courage, picked a pattern and yarn, and cast on my first stitches    .......... and the first few attempts were almost comical!

I pulled it out at least five times before I finally got something I think I can work with.  It started out like this...

..... then (eventually - after much pulling out!) grew to this......

And as of right now, it looks like this.....

This the Tesserae pattern from Ravelry.  It's probably not the easiest pattern to start with but I get really bored with just knit and purl rows.  It's hard to tell the pattern coming through yet, but I think it's working.  :*)

I'm telling you, getting used to working with all these pointy needles in the way.... 

              ................. it's like trying to dance with a spider!!!  I know I'm probably not holding them right - hopefully I'll get the hang of it as I go along and get more comfortable with it.  I'm also a little concerned that it's going to be too small, but even if it is, the practice will do me good, right?

I've purchased a short circular needle to try that method when these are done.  And I've watched videos about using two long circular needles, as well as one long circular needle and doing the "magic loop."  It's all so confusing!!!  It's really hard to know which way will work best for me.

But I am having fun, and that's the point, right?  (Yep, pun intended!!!)

I also finished up another dishcloth - I like the bands of color in this one :*)  And I started another one using this pattern to add a little picot edge to it.  

It's much fussier to work with but I like the effect so far.  This one will be a gift for someone special :*)

What's on your needles today?  
Please share with us at Judy's Patchwork Times!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. O.K. I can work one needle and maybe even two, put 3 or 4 no way. You go for it, I will sit back a watch and once you have it done send me a pair for this upcoming winter. Be proud of yourself, because you are working it.

  2. Tesserae is my most favorite pattern - I have several pairs of socks from that one. Just love that pattern.

  3. So excited but have to say you are stronger than me can't do double ended needles. I am a magic loop girl all the way. Also I have a great pattern for an easy heel if you are interested. As a matter of fact casting on a new pair of socks today. Finished my daughter-in-laws socks last night. Keep us posted on your progress and know that ever knitter as taken out a lot of projects.

  4. I am in awe. I'm just lucky to remember to buy socks, let alone make my own!

  5. It would be awfully difficult to sop up spills with a dishcloth that lovely! Your socks are going to be darling - love the deep rich colors.

  6. Nice work! That does look like a pretty sock pattern. Love your dishcloths, too; that's one of my favorite d.c. patterns. In different yarn and lots more rows, it makes a great baby blanket!

  7. There is a book called "Knitting circles around Socks" by Antje Gillingham that shows the use of 2 circular needles. I tried it and it does work. I pulled mine out a few times. If you follow the diagram and do exactly as she says (my weakness) it works. You put point guards on the needle you are not working on, and then you switch the point guards to the other needles. It takes some getting used to, but it gives you a nice round circle. I need to practice more as my stitches were a little gapping at the edge where you begin the yarn. But you don't want to pull too hard when you start, because the yarn only has so much give!! I bought my book at Hobby Lobby this year and it retails for $24.95 but I always take a coupon. I like the pattern you have started right now. The three needles will get more comfortable as you go. It is different from just plain knitting straight row--to having to change the needles in your hand with each new little row. Practice makes perfect. They also go on your feet--which are hard to see up close unless you want someone to see them. Your feet will love them all the same!!

  8. Wow, it's looking great and you've gotten a lot done so far! Love your dishcloths too - you'll get the rhythm soon, and those needles will just be flying!

  9. All of your yarns are so pretty! I'm pulling for you on the socks... if it keeps being winter around here I might have make some too.

  10. Your sock looks great so far, and the colors are totally YOU (and me!). It is supposed to go down to the 20's tonight here, sure wish you were finished with those socks and they were on my feet!! lol. One day I will get back to trying again. I love your dish cloth too. The colors are so pretty. I think I could manage those.
    I'll be watching your progress and cheering you on.

  11. You go girl! By trying the different techniques to knit 'in the round', you will find the one that you are most comfortable with. On my needles now... a sock that I just have to bind off. But my grandson requested a new 'baby', so I'm busy crocheting and I'd so much prefer to knit!!!!

  12. 4 needles???? Wow! I am impressed! Those socks sure will be pretty.

  13. I'm not much of a knitter, but I'm sure glad I checked out your blog this morning, because I want to knit that exact dish cloth - the first one! and you added a link to the pattern! Thanks so much! I just knitted one dish cloth with another pattern and I'm not sure I will like it, but I know I like the one like yours because I have 2 of those that I bought somewhere. Your fancier one is really pretty, but I better stick to the easier pattern.

  14. I like your dish clothes. I am having a difficult time holding all the sticks for sock the "dancing with a spider" visual!


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