Friday, April 5, 2013

On the Needles - 4-5-13

All these wonderful pictures of socks on Judy's blog have once again lit a fire in me and made me hanker (pun intended!!!) to learn how to make socks!  I've always thought that would be a fun and very useful skill, but the use of little tiny, very pointy, needles - 3 or 4 of them at the same time, no less! - and all those terms, like "gusset" and "turning the heel" scared me off!  :^O

However, this time I have actually gotten to the point of purchasing yarn!

Now, I am well aware that this is cheap yarn and probably not worth the time and effort I will put into the projects, but I didn't want to put a lot of money into something that I may not be able to do.  All of these were on sale - one pair was even on closeout and dirt cheap!  The needles are not what I really wanted either.  Those Harmony wooden needles at Knit Picks in beautiful colors in the shorter 6" size.... oh yes, I drooled over them!!!  But I picked these up at Joann's with a coupon, and they will do until I decide whether sock knitting is something I will be doing for the long term. =^..^=

One thing that has kept me back is finding the right pattern to start with.  I need something easy enough for a beginner, but I want the sock to fit!  I don't want some big, bulky clunky sock that bunches up in my shoes.  So I need a good, well-designed pattern, but easy.  I downloaded a few from Ravelry and picked one that I may try.  Then I saw a really cute pair of socks on Paula - The_Quilter's blog and really liked the look of their shape and simplicity.  You can go HERE to her blog to see them.  (I didn't want to show her pictures without permission).  Her pattern uses circular needles, so I'm off this weekend to get a pair of those so I can try it out!

In the meantime, I have been practicing my stitching and tension with these fun and quick dishcloths!  Here are a few more to add to my portfolio :*)  And they are actually square LOL!!!

Now I'm finding myself left with little bits of Sugar & Cream yarn, so I downloaded a cute and free Soap Saver pattern from Ravelry to use up those bits :*)  Isn't this adorable?  And I bet it's a quick project!

Photo from Ravelry - designed & knitted by Danyel Pink
I'm hoping to start my first pair of socks sometime this weekend!


So what's on your needles?  Share it with us at Judy's Patchwork Times!

Patchwork Times

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. All this diversifying is wearing me out. I can barely keep up with quilting (who am I kidding, I DON'T keep up).
    You are amazing--I'm sure you will be able to make socks. What can't you do that you put your mind to? : )

  2. This makes me so happy. You are gong to do just fine. If you need help, there are lots of willing helpers.
    Love you yarns. I have socks made with these yarns and they have lasted for years. I think the secret is to make lots of socks so you have lots in the rotation. :) Anyhow that what I use.
    Love your dishclothes. Brings back great memories of my learning to knit, that's what I started with because I wanted to knit socks and didn't know how to knit. :)

  3. You have done a great job, and I too would like to make socks, but just not ready yet.

  4. Don't be afraid of the socks. Quite easy knitting once you get going around. Take the project to a local knitting shop and some lovely lady will show you the heel thing. I have had one sock on the needles for a YEAR. All I need to do is cast off. They are my for my M.I.L. I don't know when I'll get to the second one. She may never get them, unless she loses a foot.......

  5. As a sock knitter with socks for my daughter-in-law on my needle at the moment want to tell you that it can be done. I quilt by day and knit by knit. Learned to knit as a young girl and picked it up when I was on sick leave for three months. Found that a woman I worked with knitted all her own socks so I gave it a try. Now I have a drawer full of sock as well as my husband and sons.

  6. I hope you enjoy the sock knitting. I found that the first 6 or 8 rows are the hardest-because of all the needles are floppy. After you get through about 1/2" the needles aren't floppy anymore and you can relax and just knit away.

    Keep us posted on your progress and ask for help any time.

  7. I've never knitted but desperately want to learn. I guess I need to find some lessons and give it a try. ;-) So I will be watching with interest your efforts to knit up some socks (my long term goal).

  8. I knit socks on 2(sets) circular needles - one side 'rests' as I use the other side, then switch.... Lots of You Tube videos to help with all the different terminology and techniques. There is toe up and top down.... etc... I know you'll be just fine and feel very proud after that first pair.

  9. I love your dishcloths. I've made one with that pattern. My others are all just garter stitches.
    Love the yarn you chose for socks. May try that in a few years :D
    I'm saving my little bits of Sugar N Creme yarns, too. I'm totally unfamiliar with soap savers. First I have seen or heard of them. Do you leave the bar of soap in them? And use the soap saver as a wash cloth? They are cute.

  10. Teresa I have knit socks for adults and children. I have knit them on 4 or 5 double pointed needles, one circular needle (the magic loop method) and 2 circular needles. I prefer 2 circular needles the best. I didn't care for the magic loop method on one long circular needle as I didn't like pulling the loop.I thought the 2 circular needles were similar, except using 2 needles is easier to do and keep the stitches more organized as you knit.

    As a beginner sock knitter you should try the double pointed needles first. Then if you like making socks and get the hang of it, you could try the 2 circular needles next. By knitting with the dpn's you will understand the sock knitting much better as you knit in the round.
    Sounds like this will also be your first attempt at knitting in the round? You might want to try knitting a hat in the round if you want to get used to the circular knitting first? A sock does have a lot more to it than just increases and decreases. The leg, heel, gusset, turning the heel, the foot and the toe. A hat is increasing and decreasing for the most part.

    I found has excellent tutorials in both videos and photos.

    The best sock yarn has 25% nylon in it for strength. I found out the hard way to never use 100% wool. I made a pair of sock in all wool and within a few hours of wearing them I had a hole in the heel! Thicker wool lasted longer before the holes came. The socks I knit with the nylon blend have never got holes...yet. I've worn some for years. Now my husband's socks with the nylon in them, well that's a different story as he is so hard on socks, but they lasted over a year before the holes came. At least I could darn them,lol.

    That soap saver pattern is crocheted, not knit by the way. Do you crochet too?

    I didn't mean to jabber away. Good luck and I know you will be knitting lots of socks and showing us your creations.

  11. I am also attempting my first pair of socks. I bought an inexpensive solid colored yarn at Joanns too. Good luck!

  12. So proud of you!!! I too want to make socks and mittens - but like Janet, I'm "stuck" on trying to keep up with all the quilting I'm doing! But I WILL do it someday!! Love your colors!!!


  13. I don't think I will ever attempt socks. I know you will do great. I crochet a soap saver recently.

  14. I have no doubt you will be able to knit some beautiful socks! As Judy D in AZ mentioned - the hardest part is the first several rows. I do them on dpns (5") and have found those the easiest to manipulate, but I think Ariel uses one teensy circular needle. The Stitchin Post owner recommended a pretty good book that I go to when starting a new pair of non-patterned (for self-striping yarns) - Getting Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd. It has good instructions for reference at different gauges (yes, do a gauge swatch!). Have fun, can't wait to see how it goes! :)

  15. I just picked up some yarn for dishcloths and can't remember where I put it... LOL. I really do want to manage sock making too. A few years ago I was on a mitten kick and that was fun.

  16. I have made those same washcloths for years. I have a little bit of yarn left over from these and I've been thinking about what I could do with this. Thanks for the tip. I'll go to Ravelry and get that pattern. Socks are fun to do and I enjoy them but I have to pay attention to what I'm doing or I mess them up. They are not something I can just sit and watch TV and knit. I do socks with 4 DPNs but want to learn to do them with the circulars. My quilting comes first though and I have to finish up more projects before I attempt that. Good luck and have fun.


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