Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stash Enhancement!

I want to show you the darling new Laurel Burch cat fabrics I picked up at the Pigeon Forge Quilt Show a couple of weeks ago....

This is the main panel.  Although I am still not sure of the design I will use for this quilt, I will probably cut these apart......

Here are some of them up close...look at all the cute details!

This is the fabric that first caught my eye.... it's a deep, rich purple, and I just love the sayings on it!

This is my favorite part...

Here are some of the coordinate fabrics that I picked up as well....Isn't this a fun and really cute line?!?  I'm so delighted that Laurel's family is beginning to release more of her designs.  No one does it quite like her, and the quilting world lost a great artist when she died.

I did get a little ticked off at the Show, because I bought the panel and several coordinates at one booth at the show, left there and went directly across the aisle, and a lady there had the SAME FABRICS for $1 less per yard!!!  I didn't buy that much - this will be a wall hanging - but still, I was not happy.  In the end, though, I reminded myself that it was my fault for not shopping before buying :*)

Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes, right?  I'm sure I'll forget all about that when I get the chance to cut into these fun prints and begin to create.

I also stopped at Loose Threads in Harriman, Tennessee, and dug through their scrap bucket.  In addition to all the wonderful fabric, tools, notions and sewing machines at this shop, they have a bucket that they place right at the side of the door, filled with little packets of scraps for $2 and $3.  There may be anywhere from 4 to 6 fabrics in there, depending on the size of the scrap and the price of the bag.  Most scraps are at least 3 inches WOF, and some are as wide as 7 or 8 inches!

I picked up two bags of orange scraps to replenish my scrap bin.  I just about cleaned them out during the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year, and what was left was not really very interesting or inspiring.  I needed fresh inspiration in that bin!

And then I couldn't resist a couple of bags of these black prints!  What great variety & interest here!!!

Have you been enhancing or busting your stash?
Please share with us at Judy's Patchwork Times!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Now that is perfect stash enhancement! Love all your new fabrics, the cats are great with those bold colors! Wish our LQS had little grab bags of strips like those wonderful color groupings.

  2. Oh, I really like the purple quote fabric. I do not use much orange in my quilts, but the ones you purchased are great!

  3. I love LB fabric and have a collection going - sometime in the fall I plan to start playing with them.

  4. I'm loving the orange stash, especially the one on the bottom left. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Great stash enhancements! The cats are so very cute. Those vibrant colors will be stunning in whatever pattern you decide on.

  6. I love those scrap bags too. Somehow the fabrics always come in handy.

  7. What great fabric finds! I love the strong colors and the uplifting sayings. Enjoy creating with your new stash.

  8. LOVE the Laurel Burch fabrics and your new stash enhancements!!!

  9. they are charming prints, aren't they?! i just saw that our bernina shop got them in too.. resist! resist!!! lol

  10. Glad you found some scraps to add to your stash. It wouldn't be good to run out:)

  11. What a great bunch of fabrics you added to your stash. I think you hit the jackpot with your orange enhancement and the black & whites. Laural Birch is always fun too. Sorry about the price difference, but that happens to me too!

  12. Beautiful Laural Birch prints and wow....what great scrap packages to add to your rainbow scraps!! Love the oranges and black/whites!

  13. What neat enhancements! I wouldn't be able to resist those bags either.

  14. Oh my goodness - those scrap bags are amazing!!

  15. Oh, those cat fabrics are so you! I can't wait to see what lovely thing you create with them. Just don't keep thinking about the price you paid as you cut into them. : )
    Fun scrap bags. I can never resist scraps.

  16. Love the Laurel Birch fabrics! And the stash enhancements were great refreshers!
    I NEED to work on enhancing (what a great word!) my collection!

  17. Love the Cats and the other fabrics you found.

  18. I absolutely love the laurel birch fabric. I can't wait to see what you do with it. Nice stash additions also!


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