Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The McDonalds at Biltmore

I almost forgot to share these photos with you!
On our trip back recently from North Carolina to Nashville, we had to make a pit stop for gas, coffee and the restroom.  We were just outside of Asheville in the mountains, so exits were not very plentiful and we took the first one that came up and looked promising.  It turned out to be the exit into the Biltmore estate area!  No, we didn't visit, although that is definitely on our bucket list to do someday :*)  I took my kids years ago one summer, but my husband and I have never gone together.

Biltmore castle is just simply amazing!  The prime times to visit are during the spring when all the formal gardens are in bloom - they will absolutely take your breath away! - and at Christmas when the estate is decorated to the hilt! You can click on the link beneath the picture to find out more about it if you like.  It was built by "the" Mr. George Washington Vanderbilt, and was sold to the federal government after his death to keep the estate and property intact and unchanged over the years.

As you can imagine, it is quite a tourist attraction, and it seems the town has now decreed that all buildings in the immediate area must have a similar old-dutch type of architecture throughout.  Nothing but the best for this town!  I was told by one lady that they recently tore down the Hardees restaurant in order to rebuild it in this style.

We stopped at the McDonald's, and my camera immediately began to click pictures!
Is this quaint, or what???

Inside, the restaurant has a circular feel, with massive columns and 
elegant touches everywhere you look - and check out that ceiling!!!

The tables were real wood, and wrought iron filigreed railings 
surrounded the eating area, which included a fireplace!  
It wasn't lit while we were there - I'm sure this lady was quite glad of that :*)

This water fountain was casually located above the tray and trash receptacles!

But the thing I loved most....

This piano in a roped-off corner area, playing classical tunes - 

All by itself!!!

It was wonderful :*D

As we left, I grabbed one more shot of the surrounding buildings....

What a magical place!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. What a beautiful castle! It looks like it should be in another country, not here in the US?

  2. That is a McDonald's !?! Holy smokes! We're the prices the same? Seems like they couldn't be with all that fancy stuff inside!

  3. My husband and I went to the Biltmore summer before last. We one evening we ate at a MickeyD's near the Biltmore, but I don't recall it looking like this. Think I would have remembered that! Maybe they rebuilt this one?

  4. It certainly brings a new meaning to fast food!

  5. Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!! I'd like to visit someday!

  6. I have eaten at this McDonald's several times. The prices are the same as other Mickey D's :)
    At Christmas it is all decorated, a fire is burning in the fire place and the piano plays Christmas songs. It's a treat to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a hot apple pie after coming in from the cold.

  7. Biltmore looks like something out of a Jane Austen novel. And the McDonalds? Wow! Even I would go to McDonalds to see that (I'm not a big fan). : )

  8. We spent 2 days in Asheville last summer on our way to a family reunion in Charlotte. Such a charming place! We loved seeing the Biltmore but wilted in the heat.

  9. I never would have guessed this was a McDonald's if you hadn't said so!

  10. Dang! That's the swankiest MickyD's I've ever seen!!
    Have a great day!
    Always, Queenie

  11. Wow...that is quite an expense for the restaurants to have to do that decor.

  12. Whoa! I wouldn't mind stopping in a McDonald's if it would be that fancy! ha! I'm not sure that I would have been able to visualize just how fancy it was without your pictures. Wow.

  13. Wow, my kids would love that place as would I :)

  14. I have seen that McDonalds when we have gone to Asheville. Never been inside but next time I go to Asheville I will check it out.


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